I’m Taking a Social Media Vacay

It has been years since I have done this (probably almost 5 years to be more precise.) Every now and then I notice that I get over interested or over invested in small, insignificant details that do not matter (like yesterday my instagram showed me a picture from 2 years ago and I noticed that my nose looks so much broader when I smile versus not.) I am not the type of person who obsesses over her looks, but I have noticed that social media makes it easy to do just that.

In 2015 when I was a Freshman in college I decided to delete my social media and you can read about it in “My Facebook Free Life” post.  Back then I was pretty obsessed with Facebook and Instagram and I knew that if I was going to get anything done (especially being a computer science student) that I would need to eliminate as many distractions as possible.

I stayed off of all social media (except this blog) for 2 whole years.  It wasn’t until Spring of 2017 that I made an instagram for my cat (which totally ended up becoming mine).  And in August of 2017 I was back on Facebook and back in the world of social media.  It was nice to reconnect with my friends and I realized that being off of social media had sort of created a social disconnect in my life.  I got out of touch with a lot of my friends from before and no longer knew about the dance fitness events.  For that time in my life, it was exactly what I needed.

Some 2017 pictures thanks to Instagram

Being on social media these past 3 years has been a wonderful thing.  It allowed me to reconnect with family and friends. It was a fb status that helped me find our dog Ruby’s new Momma.  I also started a secret facebook group with some of my friends to keep us accountable with our fitness and life goals.  It worked really well from July of 2018 – October of 2018 when I got busy with life and  school.  I tried hopping back on a few times, but it started to feel like I was just talking to myself since none of my other friends participated and I abandoned ship.

Social media has been a wonderful way for me to feel connected to my friends and family from far away and last January I posted a story picture after nearly each workout to hold myself accountable.


These are all positive reasons for being on social media.  Not to mention it serves as an amazing platform to “spread the word” and invite people to events.  If you are a business owner or fitness instructor it FB can be invaluable.  I felt like I needed to be on fb especially since my profession utilizes it and one of my work accounts required a fb log-in for a long time.  Now, thanks to automation, I have not needed my fb log-in.

Another thing that I have noticed recently is that I have been getting irritated with the way that my boyfriend takes pictures of me.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the time he does a great job like all the pictures above minus the selfies were taken by him, but lately I was beginning to wonder if he was even looking at me while snapping pics.  It caused an unnecessary rift.

As you all know, I am a blogger and I will still be taking lots of pictures, but I want to be more present and in the moment rather than worrying about camera angles.  I also want to enjoy experiences and making memories with who I am with rather than stressing about taking enough pictures to capture those memories.  Yesterday, we walked all the way around coconut island without me taking a single picture and I was able to notice beautiful details that I had never seen before.

Instead of thinking of this as a “break-up” or cutting something out (like I usually do) I am taking a vacation from social media.  How long?  I have no idea.  For all I know, I might be back on the wagon again in a few days, but I am enjoying the time off for now.

Lately, I have noticed that I have become super critical of myself and am putting too much pressure on myself to make more progress.  It was also starting to feel like I was living two different lives.  Social media was becoming a deep-set habit.  I would wake up to it, plop down in bed in the middle of the day to check in and see what my friends and influencers were up to, then spend too much time at the end of the day.  Those are times that I could spend living my life out loud rather than spending so much time curious about the lives of others.

I appreciate the way it has served me and last January I thought that I would start a youtube channel, but since then I have decided that I am NOT an influencer.  I can only be ME.  I love sharing my pictures, stories, and experiences, because I hope it will inspire others.

Luckily for me, my blog does not count as social media so you will still be seeing me here and I am looking forward to it!

Do you have Facebook and Instagram?  Have you ever taken a vacation from social media?  Comment below to share. 

Have a lovely day my dear darling friends!

❤ Alana

6 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Social Media Vacay

  1. Haha same sentiments here. I don’t consider my blog as a social media. I feel free here. I feel me here. Lately, I don’t like sharing my blog posts on my social media. I didn’t feel like notifying everyone. I just want those who are interested to come and read my life. 🙂

    I do take social media off. I don’t keep on scrolling anymore. I use it mainly for business and the rest is not that important anymore. I am not afraid of missing out. 🙂

    I used reading a book as a way to back away from social media. 🙂 like I’d rather read than scroll.

    1. I can definitely relate 🙂 I also feel a lot more free here because people are here because they want to be.

      I went years without telling my “real life friends” about my blog. It is funny that you mentioned reading because I recently got into reading lots of books instead of being on social media and it is a lot better 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and reading!

      ❤ Alana

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