Choices & Consequences

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Tonight I made a deal with myself that I could get the Thai iced tea as long as I did at least 1 hour of coding.  I was not excited about this deal when I made it, but after a delicious dinner of sauteed veggies and scallops (that I have been craving for awhile) I still had half of my iced tea left and I got to work.

It felt slow in the beginning…  It usually does.  It is as if I have to downshift my frequency to get my brain in the space to learn and grow, but once I reached that space of focus it felt great.

One hour of coding flew by and I felt like I could go for two, but I still want to take a shower then spend a few hours sipping herbal tea and reading books.

What are you up to on this Friday night?

❤ Alana

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