Workout and Word of the Day #17

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I have been spending more time outside in the garden and it has been so nice.  I am glad that we decided to get a cordless weed whacker!  I am getting the hang of it and love how it makes edging so much easier than doing it by hand.  I still pull weeds by hand around the palm trees, but it is nice that I don’t have to everything by hand.

Yesterday my nutrition was not completely on point.  We had chicken nuggets for brunch and I had a couple of dark chocolate powder dipped macadamia nuts.  I spent the evening trying a new blend of ingredients for today’s batch of bone broth and I had a few sips of merlot before pouring the rest out.  I did feel very energized for my workouts and I even did some extra.  I had planned on doing a 30 minute stretching and mobility routine by hasfit, but decided to switch it out for my yoga with Adriene practice.

Workout of the Day: 10 Minute hiit + Booty + Yoga

This hiit workout was strikingly familiar. In fact I felt like I just did this workout a few days ago then I realized that it was the same hiit workout as Sunday only one time through rather than two.

Ankle Weight Butt Mat Workout:

I finally got some ankle weights last week.  TJ Maxx had a pair for $5.  Today was the day that I wanted to try them out.  I immediately followed her youtube channel after completing this workout.  My butt was burning from every ankle and I was dripping with sweat the entire time (appetizing, right?)

Essentrics Mini Posture Workout:

This was a fun and also challenging flow.

Yoga With Adriene | Integrate

Word of the Day:

syneresis– noun

  1. The separation of liquid from a gel caused by contraction.

Thanks for joining me for another workout and word of the day!  How are you doing with your fitness and wellness goals?  Please comment below to share!  Now I am off to work in the garden.

❤ Alana

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