2020 Happiness Project Week #4

Blue and Gold New Year Social Media Post

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Happy 02/02/2020!  How was your 1st month of this new year?  I feel like I should probably write a good January sum up post to talk about the entire month in more detail.  I am proud to say that I definitely “took action” this entire month!  I set out on a mission to make positive changes (like many of us do at the beginning of the year) and I have managed to turn many of these changes into good habits!

Let’s start by taking a look at the January Goals!


“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”

-Zig Ziglar

  • Create a morning routine and an evening ritual.  I have a decent morning routine.  I wake up and am warmly greeted by the kitties.  From there I sing them the breakfast rhyme and feed them.  After that I drink water on the lanai then get to work on my morning pages…  This week I got a blender(for $20 from Target).  It has been a few years since I have made smoothies or juices, but I have been especially focused on learning how to balance my insulin and other hormones and I am going to start my days with Fab 4 smoothies.  My evening ritual has been winding down with a good book, taking a melatonin, then playing candy crush until my eyes shut.  Granted I could clean up both my morning and evening routine to make it even more effective, but it is a start
  • Write daily morning pages.  The morning pages are happening and I have even started writing positive affirmations.  I have to say that writing 3 pages has been a struggle lately.  I just get easily distracted, run out of steam and motivation, or run out of things to say.  I will keep going with these though and I am going to get a smaller journal to write in next time 😉 Life hacks, my friends!
  • Break up with refined sugar.  I went an entire week without refined sugar, but have not completely taken it out yet.  I should just quit cold turkey.  I will get there and I know it will help me.
  • #100daysofcode Last week I was on day #10 and now I am on day #12.  Not a ton of progress, but it is still progress so I am celebrating that!
  • Follow a workout program.  YES!

I am pleased with January as a whole.  I challenged myself with lots of changes like lessening my sugar intake and cutting out gluten.  I am not completely gluten-free yet, but I know that I will get there.  I have also started doing much more of our own grocery shopping and cooking at home.

Remember how a few months ago I was afraid of driving because I saw so many accidents and erratic drivers?  Well, now that we have a new set of tires I have been more brave and have been going on a lot more solo outings and it feels good.

Here are my blog posts from this past week. Check them out!

I was not super active with creative blog posts this week, but I took time with each post to talk about my internal struggles and wins.  It is nice to have a place to vent.

I spent a lot more time in the garden this week and that was a wonderful feeling.  I went to town with the weed wacker and edged most of our property.  I also did a lot of hand weeding.  The more sunshine we get the better and here I even love the rain because it is warm.

20200125_103041 (1)
20200125_114807 (1)

Can you see the difference?!?!  I pulled out all of those weeds by hand because I don’t want to hurt the palm trees.  I really want to make this property a beautiful, peaceful, paradise retreat.  We also let our cats enjoy the great outdoors.  I was worried when our grey kitten, Meowloree aka “Savage” chased the oreo chickens.  Thankfully they keep on coming back!

This week was not without its internal struggles…  Last Saturday I was awarded my degree and it is thrilling, but I also feel sad that the journey has come to a close.  I loved being a student and I think that is why I dragged out my final internship as long as I could.  Now I am faced with “what happens next?”  And the answer is: “Whatever I want!” But I don’t know exactly what I want yet.  I know that I want to be healthy and strong.  I want to develop my mind and my skills and to make this world a better place.

Now let’s take a look at my February goals.  This month is the shortest one of the year so I better make it count!


“Your future is as bright as your faith.”


  • Count your blessings.
  • Start before you are ready.
  • Actively build your confidence.
  • Believe in miracles.
  • Believe in yourself.

Overall, it was a good week.  Yes, I felt a little down and energetically drained, but I think it is due to all the lifestyle changes I have made.  I took a social media vacation for at least 5 days and it was pleasant, but I still found ways to fill that time on my phone.  I am glad that I did it, but I did not really see any reason to stay off longer than I did.

I did feel really sad about Kobe Bryant passing this last week.  I was a huge fan back when I lived in the Bay Area from my latest teens to early twenties.  I watched every game and even got to watch them beat the Boston Celtics.  I was such a big fan that I continued to wear my Lakers hat for years and I even had a homemade Lakers blanket.

I admired Kobe Bryant’s work ethic, humility, skill, and giving spirit.  I especially felt inspired since I became a coach myself.  He has left the world a better place and my love and prayers are with his family and the other people who lost their lives in the crash.

I know that this is kind of a somber way to end this post.  I think overall this is kind of a sad time of year.  It has been exactly one year since little Izabella’s funeral.   It is a true tragedy when the people we love become angels.  It is up to us to keep their story and legacy alive and to live out loud.

We still made time for some fun adventures and I am looking forward to some new adventures this week!  Thank you for taking some time to read and catch up with me.

How was your week and what is new and exciting in your world?  Comment below to share!

❤ Alana

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