Workout and Word of the Day #19

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Happy February!  This year is off to a great start and I am happy that I have been consistent with my workouts and better nutrition.  It has become much easier to make healthy changes and I am enjoying the journey.  That really has been the key –to ditch the “get there FAST mentality.”  There are no short-cuts or quick fixes just consistent time, effort, and commitment.

Workout of the Day: Kickboxing (but my knee started hurting halfway through so I switched it up) + FOGA

This is an excellent 40 minute cardio kickboxing workout!  In fact my whole upper body has that “feel-good-soreness.”  I made it through 21 minutes and then I had to stop.  I noticed that my right knee hurt whenever I did a squat or any kind of bending.  This caught me off guard because the squat motion usually doesn’t bother me.  It could be because I was weeding the garden on a hill and was crouched over in an awkward position.

Part of me knows that my knees just don’t appreciate sliding motions and pivots very much.  Like any of those slider type exercises I usually modify or skip because it ends up hurting.  In my case I think the pain was exacerbated by the round-house kick pivots.  I bet that once I build up my strength, joints, and balance; this motion will be less painful, but when something hurts I have learned to listen and stop.

Low-Impact Cardio Dance Foga (Fitness + Yoga:

I am actually thrilled that my knee pain helped me find this youtube channel.  I absolutely loved her style, the music, and the way my body felt throughout the workout.  I was still a little sore in the beginning, but I noticed that the pain was lessening throughout the workout and was thrilled that I made it all the way through.

Knee Massage and Stretching Exercises:

This was so helpful and comforting and reminded me of the fact that I NEED to get back into my foam rolling routine.  There was a time in my life (back in 2014) when I started every single morning with my foam roller routine.  That year I got into great shape and did not have many injuries.  Last year I always used my foam roller as a warm-up for leg days so I was at least rolling 3 times a week.

I hate to admit that I have been lazy with the foam rolling lately, but now I feel inspired to get back into it.

Word of the Day:

sumac– noun

  1. Any of several small shrubs or trees belonging to the genus Rhus of the cashew family, having milky sap, compound leaves, and small, fleshy fruit.

Thank you for joining me for another workout and word of the day!  What have you been up to this weekend?  I spent more time in the garden.  I was feeling stressed and aggravated this evening because 3 stray dogs kept coming on our property to chase our chickens and I am so worried that the chickens might not have made it.  The humane society had already closed and will not be open until Monday.  We walked up and down our road looking for the owners to no avail.  The dogs kept coming back and we don’t want them coming back since we have cats and chickens.  I hope in the morning our chickens will still be alive.

I hope you will have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

❤ Alana

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