Workout and Word of the Day #24

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I has been awhile, hasn’t it?  Last week felt like a vacation.  Our family came to visit and I even got to spend 2 days without opening my computer at all.  I only missed my planned Friday and Sunday workouts last week.

I am starting to see that life is much better when you don’t spend a majority of your waking hours glued to a screen.  Life is also better when you don’t shame yourself for missing a workout or feel guilty about eating that slice of pizza.  Enjoy it then move forward.  As long as it is not a daily occurrence (missing workouts and eating pizza) then it is okay to live a little.  I actually want to live a lot.

Workout of the Day: Total Body Strength + Yoga

This is an excellent total body strength workout without equipment.  I think it is a great workout when you are on the go or traveling because you don’t need any equipment at all.  Goodness gracious!  I kind of lost track of what day I am on and almost repeated last week’s workout sequence.  I knew the workout that I started was oddly familiar.  I am currently on Day #51/90!  It has not been a flawless cycle of workouts and my nutrition has not been impeccable, but I am still doing it and that is what counts.

Yoga to Feel Your Best | Yoga with Adriene

This was a beautiful and uplifting yoga practice.  I am getting out of another period of not stretching or meditating enough.  It feels good to be back on track!

15 Minute Full Body Workout Day #1/7 | Vicky Justiz

As long as I can remember, I am going to try and participate in Vicky Justiz’s 7 day workout challenge.  Even though it was just 15 minutes long; this workout made me work up a good sweat!

Word of the Day:

synchronism– noun

  1. Coincidence in time; contemporaneousness; simultaneousness
  2. The arrangement or treatment of synchronous things or events in conjunction, as in history.

Thank you for joining me for a workout and word of the day!  How are you doing with your fitness and wellness goals?  Please comment below to chat!

❤ Alana

4 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #24

    1. Hi Susie! Thanks for checking in. We had some company last week so I didn’t post all week, but I am back. Thanks for noticing. I hope you are having a good week! I am back now.
      ❤ Alana

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