I’m feeling “all over the place”

Can I just own the fact that I have been feeling “all over the place” for at least the last week?

I have been missing my planned workouts because “I feel like I have fallen behind.”

And for the workouts that I have been doing I have not managed to write a “Workout and word of the day” post because “I feel behind” and it has been hard for me to sit still…  Because I am all over the place.

My hair is “all over the place.”

My emotions are “all over the place.”

My body is “all over the place” and when I do allow myself to sit still I feel sad for no apparent reason.

I think that my hormones are “all over the place” and that might explain a lot of this.

My mind is “all over the place” and refilling like an infinity pool with ideas and things that I want to do…  But when I get started I get overwhelmed.


I feel like a hot mess and I am thankful for the people and animals in my life who are here for me through all of my chaotic “all over the place energy.”

My heart is in the right place and I am going to refocus my energy and work on being more present.

The one place that has been feeling good has been out in the garden.  Yesterday I spent 3 hours working outside and it helped me to feel grounded.

What do you do when you feel “all over the place” and how do you ground yourself once again?

❤ Alana

7 thoughts on “I’m feeling “all over the place”

  1. I try writing in my journal and slow down a bit, everything doesn’t deserve our attention! Pick and choose your battles…wishing you well💪🏾☺️

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