Feel the Rain

Do you feel the rain?  Get wet?  Or both? We get a daily rain here in Hawaii and I am more thankful for it than ever.  I weeded the strip in our front yard that has the palm trees and then we covered it with soil and planted seeds for veggies.  We also planted seedlings […]

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Under Pressure

I’m feeling a weird sense of pressure.  As if I am under scrutiny.  In reality, my everyday life hasn’t changed a whole lot.  I can still work from home and I am thankful that our businesses our doing well even during these uncertain times. The biggest difference is having the permission to stay home and […]

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Spinning A Cocoon

I have been taking my precious time. In my own little world. Spinning a cocoon of safety. Hiding from the world. And finding my heart and soul in the garden. I hope that this time brings you unconditional love (lots of self love), joy (even in the midst of uncertainty), and safety. ❤  

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Workout and Word of the Day #34

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I feel a lot better now.  I think that actively finding peace is helping me to find peace.  My morning meditation and yoga practice has helped me to feel more grounded and spending a few hours in the garden does wonders for my soul. Today’s Workout is: Yoga + Hiit […]

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2020 Happiness Project Week #10

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Last week was all sorts of stressful and that hectic / draining energy carried into this past week too.  Last Sunday we took a mini road trip down to Ocean View, Hawaii and it was a nice little getaway.  We even drove through Naalehu which is the town where my […]

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