Calm After the Storm

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I come from a rainy state where we would pray for the sunshine and cross our fingers hopefully hoping that the weekends would be dry.  Surprisingly, now that I live in Hawaii, I look forward to the rain more than ever.  And not just a light sprinkle.  I live for that pouring down fill the buckets rainfall.  The kind that allowed me to take a hippy shower yesterday morning 🙂 ( just dance around in the rain, suds up some castille soap, and allow the rain to cleanse and wash it all away.)

You’re a sunflower

After a couple of weeks of glorious sunshine, our rainwater dried out and we had to refill it twice in one month (even the shortest month in the entire year.) I got upset, but it was due to an accumulation of emotions.  Most of all I felt anger and sadness.  I don’t feel anger often, but when I do it disrupts my life and drains me for days…

Hilo Bay is so beautiful

We hired the same water delivery truck that we had hired just a few weeks ago and just like that it started to rain.  It down poured for 3 straight days and it was exactly what we needed.  We were able to inspect our rain catchment to make sure there were no leaks or cracks.  We also inspected the gutter systems on both houses and were thankful that everything is in decent working order.  On Monday, we got a skimming net and a brand new catchment cover.

I needed the rain to wash away my pain.

I am so worried about my immediate family because they live on the mainland near Seattle and that outbreak of the coronavirus is hitting so closely to home.  I am saying prayers for all of us around the world that we may heal, recovery, and stay well.

Now enough about that water snafu 🙂

Through this latest storm I learned a lot about myself.  I learned that I am very sensitive to the energy around me.  When I feel anger it is hard for me to let go and it drains me for a few days afterwards.  I want to learn how to deal with stress and emotions more effectively and I am thankful that I am focusing on “finding peace” throughout this month of March.

Through the storm I realized that I needed to gain perspective and hit that reset button once again and now I feel more calm.


4 thoughts on “Calm After the Storm

  1. I love that quote! ✨ We should do a weather swap as we have rainy days here in Ireland at the moment and it’s making me moody 😂 The days when the sun is out noticably turn it all around so I can’t wait for Spring 🌞 The coronavirus is so scary. That’s nice to hear that the storm helped you to gain perspective, wishing you the best of luck on focusing on finding peace throughout March 💕

    1. Thank you 🙂 that quote helped me gain some perspective. I am sending you some sunshine from the islands! Hope March will be a wonderful month for you too!

      ❤ Alana

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