Workout and Word of the Day #35

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  It has been 3 days since I have posted and I guess you could say I have been out and about these past few days.  I had a great workout on Tuesday and on Wednesday I still did a workout, but I took a gentler approach (back, core, and yoga.) Yesterday I was supposed to workout, but I have been a little sick and yesterday I felt drained so I rested.

By out and about I mean that I have been working hard in the garden.  I spent 3 hours working outside today and probably 4 hours yesterday (that is probably why I was too tired to workout by the time I got in.) I would like to rest today too, but after I write this post I will do a workout because I want to build up my momentum again.

This whole virus outbreak / widespread panic has got me on edge a little.  I am so thankful that we both run digital businesses that allow us to work from home.  And business has been great!  I have been wanting to reach for some weed or wine (to take the edge off), but I quit smoking months ago and my partner quit drinking so I guess overall, we are both better off.

Today’s Workout: Yoga + Upper Body

Yoga for Insecurity | Yoga with Adriene

Upper body Superset workout

This was an awesome upper body superset workout!  Make sure that you have a variety of weights.

Word of the Day:

hobgoblin– noun

  1. Something causing superstitious fear; a bogy.

Thanks for joining me for today’s workout and word of the day!  How are you doing?  Are you panicking through this time or remembering to stay calm?  Remember to take deep breaths and to stress less.  I think that spending so much time in the garden has helped me to stay more sane.

Love and blessings, my friends!

❤ Alana



5 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #35

  1. I feel you! I’ve been on edge too.
    I have some very good news. I won’t be working at the library, but I will be getting paid for my time off, even as part-time. I’m also working at home for my FT job. I fought for WiFi allowances since I can’t work via Ethernet. My manager wouldn’t listen to me, so I contacted the VP and she helped me. I am very grateful today.

    I’m thinking I will try for an analyst position to get away from my manager. Before the VP approved for my access, my manager said to me: “I was going to invite you into my office and give you some of my Zoloft so you can calm down.” Inappropriate and I don’t like being talked to in that manner.

    I’m thinking this might be the time to learn yoga. Gardening sounds fun too. Maybe in a few weeks when things bloom.

    1. I’m sorry you had that kind of tension at work. It is great that you stood up for yourself because it really was inappropriate for your manager to say that to you. I am really glad that the VP is on your side and pursuing the analyst position sounds like a good idea. Having a condescending manager at work is the worst and causes so much unnecessary tension and stress.

      I thought of a mantra for myself back in 2013 when I was going through lots of toxic workplace stress.

      “When you stop growing it is time to get going.”

      I have worked with bad managers since then and those same words gave me to confidence to move away from bad situations. I hope things keep getting better for you workwise. I am proud of you for being proactive, my friend!

      Have you heard of “Yoga with Adriene?” She has my favorite yoga channel on youtube. I like how down to earth she is and she is great at explaining yoga technique. Gardening has been such a peaceful hobby for me. Maybe try growing some herbs? They are easy to grow indoors and you can cook with them too 🙂 Hope you will have a wonderful weekend.

      I will have to catch up on reading your posts. I have been a little out of the loop blogwise, but am happy to be back.

      ❤ Alana

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