Under Pressure

I’m feeling a weird sense of pressure.  As if I am under scrutiny.  In reality, my everyday life hasn’t changed a whole lot.  I can still work from home and I am thankful that our businesses our doing well even during these uncertain times.

The biggest difference is having the permission to stay home and not go out.  I don’t have to feel the “pressure to do things.”  And it is okay that I am not exploring every twist and turn of the island.  Today it is okay to be an introvert.  In fact, our health depends on it.

It’s hard not to panic and it is almost harder not to over-buy when the supplies are there, but we live in a world where it helps to share. Fear is not the answer, my friends. Sending out lots of hugs and prayers.

❤ Alana

13 thoughts on “Under Pressure

    1. I’m sorry. That is hard to deal with because you are doing the best you can. It is so much safer to stay home and healthy. Is it possible to create a home friendly routine?

  1. I resonate with this, being able to just “be” in the house can bring up question marks when it comes to routine and errands but it’s soo peaceful and humbled me as to how much of a peace it’s bringing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am so glad that you are able to find peace during this time. I agree it is very peaceful, humbling, and creates lots of time for self-reflection. Thank you for reading! Take care.

      ❤ Alana

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