Feel the Rain

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Do you feel the rain?  Get wet?  Or both?

We get a daily rain here in Hawaii and I am more thankful for it than ever.  I weeded the strip in our front yard that has the palm trees and then we covered it with soil and planted seeds for veggies.  We also planted seedlings from fruit that we ate this past summer like Mamey Sapote and Soursop.

Do you see how overgrown everything is?

I weeded this area over the summer a few times, but everything grows rapidly here especially the weeds.  It was discouraging for awhile, but I am glad that I have been feeling inspired once again.  What inspired me?  I am doing a 2020 Happiness Project where I focus on a specific area in my life each month.  This March I have been focusing on “finding peace.”  This was perfect timing because this was a stressful month for our world and I think I would be a lot more stressed out if I was not so focused on finding peace.

I also wanted to find away to connect with my late Grandma Alice who loved gardening.  We used to visit my Grandpa Leo at the cemetery and Grandma would lead us in singing “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”  So now when I garden I hum or sometimes sing “Let There Be Peace on Earth” and it reminds me of Grandma and how I miss her.

Last Sunday after weeding and adding soil and planting seeds


This place is so magical because we planted seeds on a Sunday then 4 days later we had seedlings!  I feel so blessed to live in a place where plants can grow.

I will keep you updated and post pictures to show what is growing!  I do have to give a disclaimer that we also have free range chickens so they may disrupt the progress of growth.  This is more of an experiment / hobby than it is sophisticated farming 😉

Can you see the difference?  It is very slight and probably hard to see from such a distance, but hopefully the plot will fill in a little more.  Meanwhile, I will give you a mini tour of the other beautiful plants that are growing around here.

This was on the day that we planted this garden 2/22
This was 2 days ago… Can you see the progress?

I will need to remember to take the pictures from more similar angles.


I will do better with my camera angles in the future, but hopefully you can see the progress!

Here is the view of today’s garden!

How are you spending your time in?  Have you picked up new hobbies or started revisiting some of your stored away talents?  This is a great time to play and explore with creativity!  Comment below to share!

Did you enjoy seeing snapshots of my garden and would you like me to create more posts like this?  Please comment below to let me know!  Stay healthy, safe, and hopeful my friends.  I am sending an endless supply of *hugs* your way!

❤ Alana

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