Workout and Word of the Day #41

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Last Wednesday’s Workout really was the hardest workout that I have done all year.  And the beautiful thing is the fact that I got to do it outside and it was all body weight with no equipment.  I was super sore and tired on Thursday and Friday and still feeling it throughout the weekend.

I love how revealing a good hard workout is.  It lets you know if there are any holes in your nutrition and sleep schedule and last week I discovered that there were some holes in mine.  For example, I wasn’t getting enough calories / protein on Thursday and Friday and I think that impacted my ability to recover from the workout.  I am taking note of that and looking forward to doing better this week.

It feels good to be back on track after a much-needed rest.

Workout of the Day: Total Body Stability Ball + Booty!

Full body Stability Ball Workout:

I finally got a stability ball with last week’s Shipt delivery.  In fact, that will probably be my last shipt delivery (maybe ever) because I cancelled out subscription.  They were taking way too long to deliver and last time many of my items were missing and my shopper never communicated with me.  I’m glad I was able to get my stability ball and my pruning set before that happened.

This workout is a good total body workout that does not take a lot of time.  I also realized that these exercises work really well even if you don’t have a stability ball.  For example, I don’t have a good solid wall to use for the hack squats so I did the squats without the ball and still got a great workout.  Remember to make your workout work for you!

The BEST At-home Booty Workout // No equipment:

She’s right!  This really is the BEST at-home booty workout and mine was burning throughout!

Word of the Day:

cacophony– noun

  1. A harsh discordance of sound; dissonance.
  2. A discordant and meaningless mixture of sounds.

Thanks for joining me for this workout and word of the day!  It feels good to be more present here in the blogosphere once again.  I have my morning work flow in motion, the house is clean, and now I have extra coffee energy to burn off so I think I am going to head outside to work in the garden.  The only thing is that it is raining so maybe I will push the mower around or figure out something else to do.

I have a pineapple that needs some attention and I am thinking of trying this jamaican pineapple + ginger+ turmeric drink.  I also want to air fry the pineapple, but hope it will turn out even though I don’t have brown sugar.  Why make such a sweet thing sweeter?

What are you up to today?  Please comment below!

❤ Alana

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