To Be More Do More

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Lots of exciting 1 year anniversaries are coming up this week. Like our 1 year of living in Hawaii!

Last night I saw a post that said,

“They say you can never do as much as you thought in one year. But you can do way more than you know in ten.”

I don’t know who actually said this…

I actually disagree with the first half of this statement.  It is true that we often set lofty goals at the start of the new year.  I especially do this every year with my yearlong Happiness Projects.  This is actually intentional first because you cannot hit a target that doesn’t exist and secondly, the more targets you have the more likely you are to hit at least one.  I know that many people might not agree with that mentality, but that is just how my little mind works right now.

I also keep seeing posts about how we might as well kiss our fitness goals and overall goals for 2020 goodbye with this whole covid-19 quarantine life.  If we believe that we can “never do as much as we thought in a year.” Then that is probably true because our thoughts and beliefs come true.  Let’s aim high and stop putting limits on ourselves!

I do agree that we can all accomplish much more than we think in 10 years.  It is funny the 10 year duration was mentioned because I have been reflecting on where I was 10 years ago… My mom sent me a bunch of pictures from 2010-2011 and it really helped me to appreciate myself and how much I have grown since then.

This was my 1st vacation back with the family in Birch Bay, Washington 2011.  I was 22 just about to turn 23.

What you don’t see in this picture is the fact that I was sad and almost heartbroken because one of the top managers at the gym I was attending had cheered me on throughout  my weightloss journey and first triathlon training, then talked about wanting to take me out.  We met for coffee once and then he gradually started ghosting me and I could not figure out why I wasn’t good enough for that jerk.

Today, I would tell my 22 year old self, “oh girl, just save your tears for another day!”  Just a head’s up, guys in management and fitness use flirting as a way to make sales.  It is kind of part of their marketing scheme and you don’t have to be one of their stepping stones to the top.  Keep building yourself up and don’t you stop!  

I was heartbroken that summer during vacation all because of some guy.  It saddened me for the next 4 months until I started building my confidence and training with my best friend.

It has been fun for me to skip down memory lane.  I noticed this week that I am starting to decompress from the stress and feel strong surges of inspiration.  It blows my mind to think that my twenties have already come and gone.  In 10 years I will already be in my 40’s.  I want to make my 30’s my best decade yet because time sure flies by.

My mantra lately has been,

“To be more do more.”

I am starting with little things like washing the dishes right away rather than letting them sit and “soak” for awhile.  Little actions are cumulative and make a big difference over time.


I am ready to shake off this fog and take action!  What would you like to accomplish during this decade?  Please comment below to start the conversation!

❤ Alana

3 thoughts on “To Be More Do More

  1. Thank you for sharing your inspiring words! I’m working on starting my day earlier. I let myself sleep in while I wasn’t feeling well, but now I’m a lot healthier and getting out of bed earlier is making me happy. I guess a big part of it is because I’m getting more done which I realize from what you said here! 🙂

    1. Getting an earlier start is such a wonderful change especially now that there is more daylight and you are a gardener! My partner and I both work from home and there was a long span of time when our schedule was opposite (staying up at night and sleeping during the day.) I started feeling like I was missing out of the best hours of the day because there is not a lot to do here after the sun goes down. When I started gardening it inspired me to switch my schedule to be awake during the day and it was the best decision! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will have a wonderful week!

      ❤ Alana

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