I have a kittens dilemma

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Most of you know that I love cats. Nearly 5 years ago we adopted our first kitten Alleyjandra.  She has brought so much joy to our lives and she cheered me on throughout my university journey.

Alleyjandra and I ❤

Nearly 2 years later, I almost adopted a Saint Bernard puppy…  I had the cash in hand and was driving north to pick the puppy up, but 20 minutes into the drive I asked myself WTF am I doing?!?!  I cancelled the adoption and decided to splurge on some skin care at Lush Cosmetics.  A few days later I adopted a rescue Mainecoon kitten that we named Carl.  They said that he was born in the snow on Christmas.

This is Baby Carl as a kitten ❤

We love our cats so much that we drove them across the country with us from Washington State to Florida.  Then Florida to Maine.  Then Portland, Maine to Northern Maine.  They spent about a month watching over our house in Maine while some friends stayed there.  Then last March we hired a friend to fly to Maine then drive our truck with Alleyjandra and Carl from Northern Maine to Scottsdale, Arizona.  Nearly an entire year ago, my partner and I drove Alleyjandra and Carl with us from Scottsdale back to Washington state where they stayed with Christopher’s parents for the summer.

The Adventures of Alleyjandra and Carl!  And this doesn’t even include the flight to Hawaii!

We arrived in Hawaii during the last week of May exactly a year ago.  Christopher knew that we would miss our cats tremendously so when he saw that someone in our neighborhood was looking for homes for 6 cats he responded and said that we would adopt them.  Thankfully we only ended up adopting 2.

Last June 12th we adopted King Puffleton and Meowloree Mayweather!

These kittens are adorable and so sweet when they are indoors with us, but they are vicious hunters once they are outside.  We started letting them have outdoor adventures in January and they love it.  I think that our original plan was to let the Hawaiian cats be full-time outdoor cats.

MY DILEMMA IS THIS: Almost every single time that Puffleton goes outside he kills something.  And sadly it is not just geckos and mice.  Puffleton catches the baby chicks and he tortures them until we find him and sometimes we are too late.  He chokes them out and leaves them barely breathing over and over again or he mangles them.  Meowloree used to not go after chicks, but she would catch the chicks where Puff left off and the last time she was outside she injured a chick badly.  We try to rescue these chicks every time, but they were usually too far gone. Thankfully, we were able to nurse this last chick for the past 5 days and we successfully reunited Macaroni the chick with her mom Mighty Momma.

My partner and I have been talking about rehoming our cats so that they can find a good home where they can be fulltime outdoor kitties.  I love the chickens and chicks that have adopted us and we recently adopted 50 quails.  I am so apprehensive to let the kittens go outside because I am worried that they are going to murder something.  We offered our former renters $50 per cat to adopt our kittens, but they never responded to our message and they never brought it up before they moved out.

Puffleton and Meowloree

What do you think we should do?  Should we keep the kittens and either keep them indoors or say to hell with it and let them be outside and slaughter things?  Or should we find them new homes?  What would you do?  Please comment below to share your opinion!

❤ Alana


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