Here For a Year!

It all started 2 years ago when we were about to turn 30 and we wanted to turn 30 somewhere else…

My partner and I had been dating for 4 years and we lived together for 3 years in our 1st house in our hometown. He has a gypsy soul and so do I, but we stayed in our hometown so that I could complete my college degree. The day that we moved into our first house was a week before his college graduation and at that point, I was just beginning my re-entry into the university world.

That 1st house had way more space than we needed. It felt empty that first summer and our lives made lots of big and bold transitions throughout that time. I had been working in Aquatics for over 4 years as a swim coach and that summer I quit at that athletic club and worked full time at a local highschool while I was a full-time student. My partner got a job North of Seattle and we got an apartment up there so that he could avoid the commute. I continued school and my job here and we spent time together on the weekends.

The following spring we decided to rent out rooms in the house so that the space would feel less empty. It was also a nice way to cover the mortgage for the next 2 years. How many of you can say that you have lived in every single room in your house? Well, our 1st house had 3 bedrooms and 1 office and 3 bathrooms and we lived in each and every one of those rooms for a period of time (the office was actually one of the best rooms in the house.

I could go on and on about this period in my life because there is a lot to tell and I love storytelling, but I really want to zoom ahead to how we got to live in Hawaii for the past year! So, where were we? Oh yes! We wanted to turn 30 somewhere else.

2 years ago in 2018 on Friday June 1st we took 2 cars, 2 cats and my sister on a grand adventure across the country. Our 1st stop was in Jacksonville, FL. We had friends who had a lab there. We looked at properties there, but I had a feeling we would not end up there and once we arrived my suspicions were confirmed. The airbnb itself was decent, but it was in a very ghetto area of Jacksonville and we did not even stop to check out the beach.

The day after we arrived in Jacksonville, my sister missed her boyfriend and so we flew her back. I missed her tremendously and was sad that our adventures had to stop there, but I’m glad that we had the time that we did. From there we drove North until we got to Portland, Maine.

Maine was a dreamy place in New England and I am glad that we got to spend the summer there. We got a basement apartment right in Portland. My partner worked for the biggest lobster company in Maine and I worked at the Maine Cryospa. It was a summer full of fun, new friends, and grand adventures.

In September of 2018 we bought a house with cash in Northern Maine.

I often wish that I would have been able to spend more time there, but shortly after we moved there, I had to fly back to my home town for one more on campus quarter. My partner stayed in Maine to watch the cats and we missed each other tremendously. At the end of the fall quarter he flew over and said it was too cold for us to go back to Northern Maine and we have not been back ever since. Instead, we decided to seek out warmer climates…

In January of 2019 we were trying to decide between Honolulu, Hawaii or somewhere in Arizona. Neither of us had ever been to Arizona and we wanted to find a place that we could easily bring our cats. My partner applied to jobs in Phoenix, Arizona and almost instantly got some promising offers in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale, Arizona gave me the time and space to cleanse my soul. I had a few remote internships to work on before completing my degree and I hit the gym hard almost everyday!

In March, we got excited about the fact that I would soon be completing my degree and my partner told me that with our skills and our business we could travel anywhere in the world. He asked me where I wanted to go. We started looking at places in Puerto rico and Guam, but once again I wanted a place where our cats could come with us. We narrowed it down to either the Bay Area of California or somewhere in Hawaii.

We looked at condos in Honolulu and thought that we might do the city thing, but I really felt drawn to the Big Island. I always wanted to visit the Big Island because it was where my Grandma Alice was born and raised. I started looking at houses and was pleasantly surprised and borderline shocked that you can still buy land affordably anywhere in Hawaii!

We found a beautiful mansion with stunning ocean views down in Ocean View and the sellers quickly accepted our offer, but I researched the place and found out that it is not an ideal place to live because it is far from cities, kind of inconvenient, and right where the lava often flows. I was saddened by this, but looking back am I glad that we found something even better!

I specifically remember the day that I found this property. I had bought a Rachel Ray soup pot and was cooking up a big pot of oxtail stew. I found this property on zillow and asked one of my former classmates about this neighborhood. I thought I was dreaming when the description said that the property had two fully permitted houses on the lot. My friend said that this area was good and she and her family lived here for years. That night my partner contacted the realtor and a week later we submitted our offer!

On the Sunday after the seller accepted our offer I decided to call my Grandma Alice. It had been awhile since we had talked and I was not able to get in touch with her on Christmas or on New Years Day. To my surprise she answered her phone! I told her that we were moving south of Hilo and she said, “Wow,

And now we live in paradise!

It has been exactly 1 year since we moved into our houses in Hawaii. Lately, we have been trying to recover and decompress from all the recent stress. I was a little thrown off by it yesterday because right now we don’t have anything to stress about and I felt like we should feel much more triumphant.

So right here and now I am choosing to let go of the stress and to embrace the present moment because it is a gift!

“Sometimes you have to look back and reflect before you look forward to the future.”

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the past few years. Let me know if you are ever on the Big Island because we have a guesthouse! I’m sending lots of joy and love your way.

This morning our tiare gardenia that we planted in March blossomed for the very 1st time and she smells heavenly.

❤ Alana

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