Workout and word of the Day #44

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I am back again and it feels so good! I am starting to see that my level of activity directly correlates with my mood. The more active I am (without going too hard) the better I feel. And the more sedentary I am the more exhausted and drained I feel. This week I started a routine of getting coffee in the morning with my partner (like usual), starting my work reports, then doing my workout.

Today’s Workout is: 30 minute Fat Burning Cardio + Abs | Sydney Cummings

I have to be real. Work has kept me busy and sedentary and my cardiovascular health has suffered a bit. It is time to make my health a priority because it will improve all of the other areas of my life.

Word of the Day:

cyrillic– adjective

  1. Noting or pertaining to a script derived from Greek uncials and traditionally supposed to have been invented by St. Cyril, first used for the writing of Old Church Slavonic and adopted with minor modifications for the writing of Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and some non-Slavic languages of Central Asia.
  2. Of or relation to St. Cyril
  3. noun. Cyrillic script.

Thanks for joining me for another workout and word of the day. I know that these posts have been sort of brief, but for now I am aiming for consistency. Hopefully I will see you again tomorrow!

❤ Alana

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