Today (Yesterday was) is the Day that I rest

It was a busy week! 2 weeks ago we got a 10 cu. yard delivery of a gardening soil / cinder mix and this week we got a giant dumptruck load of red cinder for our driveway. The truck operator recommended that we hire a tractor to spread it because the cinder was dropped in giant mounds in our driveway. We decided to grab our shovels and spread it by hand.

You might not be able to tell how big that mound was, but believe me, it was massive. I was able to do most of the spreading in our top lot and these last few days my bf has been helping me transport the wheelbarrow full of gravel down to our lower driveway.

These past few days, I was feeling heartbroken because my favorite wild hen got into a chicken fight with another momma hen a few days ago. I think she lost because it looks like she might have lost one of her eyes and now she is a pirate chicken. We have been feeding her and her chicks and treated some water in an avian waterer to hopefully prevent infection. I just want to adopt her and give her a safe home. Is it bad that I felt so sad over this?

Around that same time, I noticed that the big wild rooster that I call “Biggie” has a piece of string tied around both ankles and he has to hop to get around. I suspect that someone was trying to catch him for meat and he made a great escape. I have to say, the chicken world is kind of brutal and farm life can be so cut throat. I have been trying to make peace with both of these situations…

Mighty Momma was admiring our garden
She always hangs out with me
I was getting tired, but it was nice to have the company

We gifted our greenhouse dome to a friend, but are planning on putting a water feature or little garden here. We spent the morning visiting our neighbors with masks, of course. I’m glad we finally took the time after living here for over a year.

Our driveway is almost complete we will just have to get probably one more little truck load (with our new truck) of red cinder to finish the job. I spent the evening pulling out grass around our Mango Sunrise hibiscus. It is growing taller, but hasn’t blossomed in awhile. I actually plan on planting hibiscus in every color of the rainbow. So far I have red and orange hibiscus. I still need to find yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.


Can you see the difference?!?! I really do prefer having less grass and more garden!

Overall, yesterday was a wonderful day and I took the whole day off from working out. I am proud of myself for being consistent with my workout routine since the beginning of June! I am going on almost 2 months of this healthy routine and I can tell that it is paying mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for me.

Right now, as I sip my morning coffee, I don’t feel very motivated to work out, but I am going to do it because it has such a positive affect on my life. July used to be a challenging month for me (the month before my birthday) because I was afraid of getting older the next month. This July, I have been more focused on embracing the moments and enjoying the process. Everyday is important even if I haven’t reached my destination yet.

I hope you will have a wonderful day today, my dear darling friends!

❀ Alana

5 thoughts on “Today (Yesterday was) is the Day that I rest

  1. Your garden looks so pretty! πŸ˜πŸƒ Sounds like your hen/rooster have been through a tough time. Glad to hear that yesterday was a wonderful day for you, you’ve made me want to get into gardening! ✨ Take care πŸ’•

    1. Thank you friend! The gardening has helped me find such a nice sense of peace. I am feeling a little better about “Mighty Momma the hen” and Biggie the Rooster. I am glad they both survived. Hopefully they can still enjoy life. Hope you are doing well!

      ❀ Alana

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