Happiness Project 2020 Week #30

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This week was full of grand adventures and wonderful memories. I hope you are ready to join me on a visual journey through my week. A week ago, my boyfriend and I were staying on the other side of the island with our 2 mainland cats, hoping to escape the hurricane. Our renters stayed, fed our quails, took the quail infants out of the incubator, and fed our Hawaiian cats. Thankfully, Hurricane Douglas passed over our island and didn’t do any damage at all. The power even stayed on throughout the night.

Our escape plan turned into a nice little vacation and a much-needed break. We both needed a break from work, but we have been so hyper vigilant and have made it a point to stay in as much as possible ever since quarantine began on March 25th. We had not even visited a beach since mid-March. We drove by, but only got out of the car once for a picture from a distance.

I am thankful that we were able to find a very nice pet-friendly airbnb. It was a darling 2 bedroom suite (each bedroom had its own bathroom and kitchenette) that shared an outdoor kitchen lanai space. With a little bit of an ocean view.

We spent some time getting settled and hydrated before venturing out for groceries. That is a pro-tip that we have learned and most of you probably already know. It pays off to save money by acquiring some staples at the local grocery rather than eating out for every meal.

Christopher suggested that I just take the rest of the weekend off from work and I apprehensively agreed. It had once again been months since I took a day off and even when we had a tiny vacay back in May, I was still processing reports around the clock. I challenged myself to decompress and take this time to relax. After a romantic dinner of rib eye steaks and wine with an ocean view on the lanai with my love, I read a book on my Kindle.

The kitties finally emerged from under the bed and started to explore their world a little more.

It was not a very restful night. There were tradewind breezes, but it was still a little hot since we are spoiled and used to having air conditioner. We were both really worried about our homes, property, and those baby quails.

Good morning Sunshine! I wasn’t wearing any makeup and I was feelin’ fine!
More Kitty Shenanigans!
I love traveling with cats!

Even after morning coffee and some time on the lanai, we were both dragging. I suggested, no I urged us to check out the beach right down the road.

This place was full of such beautiful details!
We masked up and headed out for an adventure.
Our souls needed this!
Sandy toes feelin’ so good!
Magic Sands Beach
I went for a swim and enjoyed the much needed doses of vitamin C
This was our 1st time ever going to a white sand beach on the island

That was Saturday morning and we felt so much better after our swim. I lost my goggles for the first time in ages. Instead of panicking and punishing myself, I decided to let go. I hoped that someone who needs them more than I do would find them and I ordered myself a new pair of Zoggs. Those goggles were 10 years old and it is a wonder they lasted so long. It gave me a chance to practice letting go…

We still had the airbnb for another night and day, but we decided to head home almost immediately after our mini beach adventure. We were restless and wanted to get home to our cats, quails, wild chickens, and gardens. I had successfully spent the entire night and morning away from my laptop and work and that was a win in itself!

Thank you Kona!

The ride home always feels quicker than the ride to get there!

We were overjoyed to see Hilo coming in to view! There’s no place like home!

Our home was in tact and our quail population had doubled in size. Our renters did a fantastic job of watching over everything and we encouraged them to take the last night at our Kona Airbnb. I was so glad that they decided to go!


“If we can just let go and trust that things will work out the way they’re supposed to without trying to control the outcome, then we can begin to enjoy the moment more fully.  The joy of the freedom it brings becomes more pleasurable than the experience itself.”

-Goldie Hawn

  • Laugh out LOUD. I laughed more than I have in months and definitely felt more joyful.
  • Take time for self-care. I could really feel a shift after a mini breakdown that I will discuss below…
  • Nurture your relationships. Yes, it takes Tender Loving Care and it so so worth-it!
  • Seek inspiration. Yes!
  • Bring out the BEST in others. I am getting better at this once again ❤

That evening, I looked over pictures from our trip. We had a wonderful time even though it was so stressful. I hated the pictures that my bf took of me in my swim suit. I joked over chat with my friend Paige about how guys sometimes take great pics of us and then other times they take the least flattering angles possible. I felt so discouraged because I felt like I looked like I haven’t made any progress with the shape of my body.

That night I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next day still on the verge of tears and feeling very insecure in my body. I did my workout, but wondered “whats the point if it’s not even working?” And I harshly criticized every curve. It really is true that the worst pressure is the type we put on ourselves.

Early that evening I finally opened up to my boyfriend about what I was feeling and he was so sweet, supportive, comforting, and encouraging. He told me that I am doing a great job and not to be discouraged because I am definitely making progress. In my heart I know that I am making progress too. It just gets so easy to slip back into those harmful old habits of doing things unhealthily and radically. Just to crash and burn…

This was me on that day. I don’t think I look that bad and I feel strong and sexy!

From there, it was like a breakthrough happened. I needed to breakdown to breakthrough.

-Me, Myself, and I

My week greatly improved from there. My Akatsuka Orchids arrived in the mail! I decided to treat myself to an early birthday / graduation gift and order fancy orchids. I made it a point to get the most fragrant ones.

Alleyjandra and I doing girl things and unwrapping our orchids
I never even knew that I liked orchids until we moved to Hawaii.

From there, I decided that we needed to organize our lives to create space for our orchids!


This space had turned into a sad sort of storage kind of space and I had been wanting to turn it into a peaceful retreat!


This is more of what I had in mind! That night I treated myself to a spa night and realized that for the first time in my life I can see the stars and night sky right from our bathtub!

So relaxing


“You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

-Dr. Seuss

  • Quit nagging. I think that I am already starting to do a better job of complaining and nagging less. I have started to think twice before speaking and also consider how my words and actions might affect my lover ❤ and my best friend.
  • Listen. I am getting better at this. Spending less time on the phone is helpful.
  • Cultivate healthy relationships. This is so important to me.
  • No complaining. This one’s a hard one!
  • Give proofs of love. It starts with evening tea ❤

After that breakdown everything continued to improve. I even word a little lipstick just for myself.

August is here which is my birthday month and I want this to be the BEST August I have had in years. I have started reading good books again and seeking inspiration to figure out what my purpose on this earth is. I want to do better and be better.

We got our badass shower curtain which inspired me to clean the bathroom!
I also got these gorgeous, gorgeous spotted begonias that I never even knew existed!
And my bf got me a slice of carrot cake that I enjoyed with my book and evening tea.

Overall, it was a wonderful week and July was a wonderful month full of beautiful memories and breakthroughs. I am looking forward to see what this month of August shall bring.

How was July for you and what are you looking forward to in August? Please comment below to share. I would love to chat!

❤ Alana

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