Workout and Word of the Day #49

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

It has been about 2 months since my last “Workout and Word of the Day” post. The good news is that I have been keeping up with my workouts even though I have not been blogging about them. That is progress for me. Admittedly, I have done much more than 49 workouts, but I want to continue the flow that I started in this blog world rather than jumping ahead. In Instagram world, I am at about 112 workouts… I missed doing these posts, but I also needed a break. I didn’t want it to feel like another chore or task I was obligated to do. Sometimes it is challenging enough to find the motivation to do the workouts and I wanted to put my energy there.

Today’s Workout is: Strength and Conditioning

I am honestly obsessed with Sydney Cumming’s workouts! This is the 70th workout video that I have done with her and I still look forward to my workouts every single day. That is rare. I have tried out lots of different youtube channels and programs and in the end I ended up struggling to stick with it because I needed more variety. Sydney’s channel has been a one-stop-shop that has taken the guest work out of programming for me and that has made all the difference in the world. Not to mention her program is free on her youtube channel. I definitely recommend her if you want to start strength training.

Today’s Word of the Day is:


  1. Soaked with liquid or moisture; saturated.
  2. Having a soaked appearance.

I have been feeling stronger and more confident every day, but I do still struggle with my body image. After each workout, I have been posting a post workout picture on my instagram story, but it honestly pushes me far outside of my comfort zone. I think that is one of the reasons why I do it. To accept myself at all stages of my journey, but some days are definitely easier than others.

Here is one of my post workout pics!

How are you doing with your fitness journey? Comment below to share!

❤ Alana

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