2020 Happiness Project Weeks #32-34

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I have been thinking of you. Life has been entertaining these last 2 weeks and I am thankful to be in a more lighthearted space. Sometimes our most powerful traps and prisons are in our minds…

This time of year is always a reflective time of year for me as my birthday approaches. In July, I decided to start writing handwritten letters to pen pals and to my delight some of the people I admire the most reached out and said they want to be pen pals. Writing letters has given me a chance to talk about my adventures and how much I have grown. It has also given me a platform to share some of my goals and dreams. I love it!

I joined a Sticker Club! Such a grown up thing to do!
I also got a wax seal kit from Amazon!
I am honestly obsessed with wax seals. Let me know in the comments below if you want to be penpals!

These weeks were not without their internal struggles (also typical of August.) I really struggled with my body image. I am happy that for what feels like the first time in my life, I am intrinsically motivated to get healthy. I cried a lot this week. I bought a scale so that I could get a feel for where I really am. I honestly haven’t owned a scale or weighed myself for over a year (ever since we moved to Hawaii.)

I decided to get some professional help with my goals!

Last week, at some point I measured my waist with a tape measure and was crushed to see that my waist is still 42 inches. I felt crushed and discouraged because I have made some major changes this summer. I know that there are no shortcuts and change doesn’t happen overnight, but I have completed 83/90 workouts from Sydney Cummings “Summertime Fine” challenge. I started in June and put my heart and soul into making these changes. I also stopped smoking too much herb and was limiting myself to 1 drink a week. This helped me to cut down on my cravings. I really thought that I would have made more progress.

I reached out to my friend Grace and we talked about how Sydney’s Workouts are fantastic! At the same time, they are structured to build muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. Grace suggested that I do a lot less strength training and focus a lot more on cardio since my goal is weight loss.

I decided to step things up a notch and make my daily step goal 10,000 steps rather than just 6,000 steps. This encouraged my boyfriend and I to get into walking once again!

It was so nice to walk around Coconut Island and the Japanese Garden. We were some of the only people there which was surprising for a Sunday afternoon. Usually everything is packed this time of year. I felt good when I saw these pictures because I feel like I can tell that I have toned up and lost some weight.

When I weighed myself on the scale I was crushed to find out that I am 15 lbs heavier than I thought…

Here are my blog posts from the week. Check them out:

Last week it felt good to blog a little more. I also started doing evening pilates for the core followed by relaxing yoga. I have been recovering from a knee injury for the last month and could not do the quad stretch without holding onto something for balance. It was painful and frustrating, but I iced and used an arnica rub religiously.

I barely got any air at all on the trampoline and it was a struggle to get onto the trampoline with minimally bending my knee.

We finally visited Maku’u Point which is just a few blocks from my house! My soul has been craving the ocean, but we have been staying in as much as possible to social distance and minimize contact with other humans.

Visiting the ocean felt like nourishment for the soul. The next day we wanted to go back, but the parking lot was absolutely packed. Instead of heading home like we usually do, we decided to turn left instead of right and we re-discovered this mystical, magical place that is also right by my house.

How did did we ever get so lucky to live right here?!?! The answer is leaps of faith and tons of hard work! I feel so thankful and blessed everyday to be here. We loved it so much that we came back for another walk in the evening.

I love golden hour by the ocean. This place takes my breath away and it has become a daily ritual for us to go for walks here. Sometimes we even visit this place 3 times a day. It is so close to home! Why not?


“You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

-Dr. Seuss

  • Quit nagging. I have been complaining a lot less verbally. I am honestly a recovering perfectionist who still has her complaints and gripes, but I started to look more internally.
  • Listen. I have become a much better listener. It is another beautiful practice in staying present.
  • Cultivate healthy relationships. I am so happy that I am actively working on my relationship. Our relationship has honestly been pretty great. I love dating my best friend. But, even the best relationships are not immune to complacency and taking each other for granted. It is an ongoing work in progress like all healthy and lovely relationships.
  • No complaining. I think we discussed this above.
  • Give proofs of love. Lots and lots 😉 in so many ways everyday 🙂

I can happily say that my knee is so much better! I can finally do my quad stretch!!! I also got some amazing workout apparel from my friend and inspiration, Christina! She has launched her own blog and clothing line!

Visit her blog for some true inspiration and amazing workout gear:


I am obsessed with my Sparkles and Strength cropped hoodie! It is ridiculously soft and so comfy!

I have continued to do my workouts and we have been crushing that 10,000 step goal! Let’s keep this up!

I took another leap of faith and joined Nettie’s Summer Fitness Challenge. Yesterday she sent me my customized meal plan that I will follow religiously for an entire month! I know that there are endless free resources out there, but I was getting overwhelmed with where to begin. I really didn’t want to do a facebook based group or an MLM. I honestly don’t have a problem with either of those, but I wanted to pay a professional to help me reach my specific goals.

Her deadline was on Friday, but when I told my bf about my customized meal plan my he asked if he could also sign up for a customized meal plan of his own. I asked her and crossed my fingers and she said yes! Definitely! I am thrilled that we are working towards our health and fitness goals together! Wish us luck!

In other news, we have hatched another adorable batch of baby quails! Also, Island Naturals wants to sell our quail eggs! It is our local food co-op / health food store and this feels like a major milestone for our quail farm!

This quail is so sweet!

I decided to treat myself and get a super cute purse. I have been using the same purse since 2016 (when we moved to New Zealand). It was time!

Isn’t she a beauty?
I’m obsessed with this purse for sure!

See? I have been busy lately and I am about to get busier with my healthy lifestyle changes. Today we are going to go grocery shopping and tomorrow I am starting my meal plan! Wish me luck!

Oh, I also have a birthday in 3 days!!!

What is new and exciting in your life? Comment below to chat!

❤ Alana

5 thoughts on “2020 Happiness Project Weeks #32-34

  1. Taking a lot of inspiration from your journey. There are people who remain stuck and there are people like you, who take back control of your life. Good for you. Take care

    1. Thank you so much. I am thankful that I was able to survive, learn, and grow from the experience. It was hard, but worth-it. Thank you for your kind words. Take care!

      ❤ Alana

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