2020 Happiness Project Weeks 36 & 37

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

They say that if you don’t have anything positive to say you shouldn’t say it at all. I had some complaints these past 2 weeks so I decided to refrain from blogging so that I would not spend too much time venting.

Thankfully, everything has passed and I am happy again!

How can I be unhappy when this stunning place is right here in my neighborhood?

These past two weeks have been full of adventures and lots of beautiful changes. Remember how I told you that my year begins in September rather than January? I would say that this year is off to a great start!

We set off on a grand adventure and drove all the way across the island to finally acquire the illusive feijoa. My bf discovered them 3 years ago when he was working in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have been wanting to try them ever since. We were able to get some seeds and his mom planted them, but only 1 plant survived and you need 2 plants to bear fruit. A year ago, we started asking around to find out if feijoas could grow on this island. It turns out that they need a cold snap to grow and we don’t get a cold snap in our area. Thankfully, we were able to get in touch with a lady who grows feijoas. Over 6 months ago we asked to reserve some as soon as the season arrived. I got in touch with her and was able to schedule an appointment to acquire our feijoas! It was a fun adventure and thrilling to finally taste this delicious fruit. Have you ever had a feijoa before? They are also called Guavasteen and Pineapple guavas and are the perfect combination of tangy then sweet. We are currently working on a batch of feijoa mead. I will let you know how that turns out!

I have been very focused on my health journey. I made a promise to myself that I would get into the best shape of my life and live with less regrets in my 30’s and beyond. I spent a lot of time throughout my 20’s hating myself and thinking that I would always be big, fat, and unhealthy. It is a sad space to occupy and I am thankful that I finally feel hopeful and inspired to change.

It has been over 1 week since we have made a major life change. I have been running both of our online businesses and Christopher has been trying to convince me to hire someone else to do my job. He wanted to free up our time to pursue our interests and he was concerned that spending so much time on the computer was not good for my health. He is usually right about these things, but I am very stubborn. I took great pride in doing the work and liked hanging on to our earnings. This week we hired 2 amazing people to do my job for me and it was the BEST decision we could have made. They are positive, ambitious, and have fantastic work ethics. We also trained them to run our quail farm for us!

Speaking of quails, our business is thriving! Armani has been in charge of the Business page on Facebook, advertising, communication, and egg deliveries and he is doing a fantastic job! If you are curious and want to visit our business page please click on this link and give us a thumbs up! We are getting the necessary certifications to ship our eggs internationally and it is exciting. We always sell out and the demand for quail eggs is much higher than what we can keep up with.

I always feel so proud when we walk into local businesses and see our quail eggs in the display cases for sale. Hard work pays off, my friends! Above is our quail, Heartie because he has a heart on his head ❤

Before I forget, I want to show you the Beautiful gifts that our friends gave me for my birthday. I was teary eyed when they brought it to me.

Isn’t this an absolutely gorgeous gift? It reminds me of the dishes my Grandma Alice had and I am using it for my treasures. They also gave me the shell, the beautiful Big Island, Hawai’i earrings, and the cute Tiki pendant. He has a cute butt too! The stone is a gift from one of my dear friends and penpals.

Speaking of gifts! We brought our neighbors across the street some feijoas and in return they have been delivering cases of Hawaii water for us. I am blown away by their kindness!

How lucky are we to have all this fancy water delivered right to our house?!

Now that I don’t have to worry about working, my time has been completely freed up and I have been able to spend more time in the garden and with our birds. At first, I was depressed, anxious, and hardly knew what to do with all of my spare time. I quickly adjusted and have been dreaming bigger than ever!

Alleyjandra has BIG DREAMS too as she stands proudly on our 3Dprinters!

I am on Week #4 of my Summer Fitness Challenge and am proud that I stuck with it! This is the best that I have ever done with eating cleanly and working out consistently. I had high hopes for this challenge and it gave me an excellent starting point.

I do have to say that I was disappointed with the personal trainer who ran this challenge. They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears. I had been thinking of hiring a professional to help me with my nutrition and to create a workout program that would help me reach my fitness goals. I used the birthday money my parents gave me and bought her program for myself and my bf.

It has taken me years to reach this space where I felt ready to hire a professional. I think that is why I was so hurt by this situation…

I was looking into contacting several trainers, but when I saw the ad for her challenge I decided to give it a shot! She included a custom meal plan, a progressive workout plan that would be emailed to us every sunday for 4 weeks, and she said that we could txt her with questions and that she would be there to support all of the participants.

I was pleased with my meal plan. This was the first time that I have ever gotten a customized meal plan and I liked the way it took the guess work out of what I should eat and how much. I did not like the fact that she prescribed chicken for 2 of my bf’s meals because he has a sensitivity and did not circle chicken as one of his protein sources.

The 1st week was decent, but things rapidly went downhill after that. Throughout this challenge she was slow to respond to easy questions about nutrition and exercise modifications. For example one of the exercises was “reverse crunches.” I have done this exercise before, but I wanted to clarify and make sure that I was doing the proper version so I asked her, “should I use my upper body and lower body for reverse crunches?” Some people crunch their torso while doing this exercise. And her answer was, “it’s abs.” That wasn’t very helpful. After a while she sent a link to a youtube video that I had already found. I noticed that this was the tone of her responses –cold and they often made me feel dumb for even asking.

In the middle of Week #2 she completely ghosted me and stopped responding to the two questions I asked. My last question was literally, “I am interested in signing up for another meal plan once this one expires. How much would it cost?” And she never responded.

It made me feel awful like I had done something wrong when all I wanted to do was give her my business. I felt even worse when the Week #3 workouts were not sent out on Sunday and it started to feel like a scam.

It bothered me how sad this whole experience made me feel. I felt like a disgruntled ex of a bratty girlfriend when this person has never met me before. I spoke highly of her and recommended her in good faith hoping she would be great and if she was I would have continued to work with her until I reached my goals.

By Monday, I opened up a dispute on paypal that I knew would rule in her favor. Minutes later, she sent out the workouts and apologized to the group and said they were late because it was a holiday, but she still continued to ignore me. Paypal ruled in her favor and she got to keep the money and thankfully, she promptly sent out our week #4 workouts.

This whole experience really caused me a lot of stress and I hated how a literally virtual stranger could make me feel so sad. I am thankful for my bf who comforted me and my friends who were understanding, listened, and told me that was not normal.

Anyone who has ever started a fitness journey probably knows that it is hard enough to change your habits, eat healthy, workout consistently, and lose weight. Transforming can be stressful, but it is even worse to have a trainer ghost and ignore you.

I have decided that I deserve better than this and I am not going to continue working with her. I wish her the best, but I want to work with someone who wants to work with me, is on my team, and can communicate well.

Have you ever worked with a trainer that ghosted and ignored you? Please comment below to share!


“Don’t be afraid of your fears.  They are not there to scare you.  They are there to let you know something is worth-it.”

  • Create a bucketlist (my year truly begins in September) This has been on my heart and I just have to write the darn thing down!
  • Make time. Working less has given me a chance to make time for the things that matter.
  • Forget about the results. I am trying 🙂
  • Live passionately. Yes! I feel passionate about my life and my health.
  • Master a new technology. Our other office chair broke so I let my bf use mine. This has cut down on the amount of time I have spent on my computer (this could be a good thing.) As soon as we get another chair I am going to start a new tutorial.

My glasses finally arrived. Christopher got me prescription sunglasses and my new glasses. I let him surprise me with the frame design. What do you think?

Having prescription sunglasses in a sunny climate is absolutely life changing!!!
What do you think of my new glasses? They have transitional lenses! I never thought those would be cool, but I appreciate them now with the sunny weather!

So many wonderful things have been happening in my life and it is awful that one person could cast such a shadow over everything. I am thankful that I was able to get through it and allow the light to sparkle through with a little help from my friends.

Other great things that have happened… I am continuing to write lots of hand written letters. I have been keeping in touch with my parents and my sister which is nice. And most importantly, I got my very own chickens!!!

I love them

I am probably going to dedicate a whole blog post to the story behind these adorable chicks so stay tuned!

What is new and exciting in your world?!?! Please comment below to chat!

❤ Alana

6 thoughts on “2020 Happiness Project Weeks 36 & 37

  1. I was wondering what happened to the fitness coach you were previously sharing about. That’s such a terrible experience. I’m glad that the rest of your life is going well besides that! 🙂 I’m not the kind who enjoys meal plans cause I find it restrictive and just end up overeating after a few days. I prefer lessening my intake instead. It worked for me but it took such a long time. I’m also very curious about the quail egg business, how did that come about?

    1. Hi Kat! How are you doing? Yeah, I was pretty bummed about that whole experience, but it least it got me started. It was a pretty restrictive meal plan and I ate the same thing everyday for all 4 weeks. I lost about 6-8 lbs, but I think your approach is more sustainable. I am after the long term approach.
      We got our 1st quails in Mid-may because we needed a good quarantine project. It turns out that there is a high demand for quail eggs on the island and our business has taken off since then. Do you like quail eggs?

      ❤ Alana

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