September Adventure: Pololu Valley

Why do I always feel so reluctant when it comes to going on adventures? It happens almost every time… The 1st time I went to the painted plate with my sister, I was so overwhelmed and nervous that I spent almost the entire time paralyzed before finally choosing a piece to paint. After that I was hooked and it became a weekly ritual for my sister and I to go the the painted plate together.

There was a time when I used to fantasize about only having dishes that I had painted or created in my kitchen. On the far left are 2 pieces that I painted.

Or there was that time when a friend took me out on a Valentine’s Day Date (back in 2011) to Shipwreck Beads, which is a giant warehouse full of beads. Then they said that we could meet up again in an hour after we shopped around. Same reaction. I was stunned and overwhelmed. Walking like a zombie through endless aisles of beads… I had to pull myself together after a half hour of the droning and I decided that I would make my first necklace for our mardi gras fundraiser which was happening in a few weeks. Once created a mission for myself, I really started to enjoy it. Shipwreck beads also became a favorite place for me that I would bring my sister. I made many of the necklaces in the picture above.

Now fast forward to nearly a decade later, and I still experience that same kind of fight or flight reaction when it comes to adventures.

When our friends suggested that we celebrate my August birthday at the beach. I almost cancelled. Our beach hike ended up being a grand adventure that I will remember forever.

This month was my bf Christopher’s birthday and when our friends suggested that we go on a birthday adventure I had that same knee jerk reaction, but I knew that I had to hold it back because this adventure wasn’t about me. I wanted Christopher’s birthday to be a birthday to remember.

I am so thankful that we have friends who encourage and inspire us to go on grand adventures. My heart felt happy when they suggested that we go to Pololu Valley. This place has been on the very top of my Bucketlist of places to visit on this island. And trust me friends, there are many, but we have been taking our time because we live here. The real truth is that I experience that same kind of anxiety that I mentioned earlier.

The drive was over two hours long and absolutely gorgeous. I had been craving a road trip and it was fun to travel to a place that we had never been before. Pololu Valley is by the town of Hawi, Hawaii which is at the very top of the island.

We are so thankful for our beautiful friends!

The hike down to the black sand beach was absolutely stunning and literally breathtaking. The trail was very steep and dusty. If you ever go for this hike, make sure that you bring plenty of water and good hiking shoes. There are no water facilities here and proper foot attire is necessary.

You cannot beat this view!
I am looking forward to looking back on this!

There were stunning views throughout the hike down to the beach it was exciting to see the new perspective every time!

Such a beautiful place with beautiful people!
Do you see the black sand beach? That is where we were headed.

Our August adventure to Shipman’s / Haena Beach was super muddy. It was nice to experience dryer terrain. I was thankful that my knee is doing a lot better than it was a month ago. I still choose to be at the back of the line so that I can take my time and take a ton of pictures of course!

Stunning views from every angle!

There were other people there, but it was not crowded at all and everyone else was very friendly and courteous while respecting social distancing. I imagine that this place can get pretty packed when we are not in the midst of a pandemic.

It was thrilling to reach the beach!

The trees were adorned with rope swings right by the ocean! It was my very 1st time ever riding a rope swing! I highly recommend it 🙂

This beach is magical. It is not a good swimming or snorkeling beach because the waves are rough and sweeping. I also recommend water shoes if you want to take a quick dip because the bottom is rocky. After awhile, it does get sandy, but I recommend staying close to shore.

The water was so warm!
A perfect place to get some much-needed vitamin C
Ellie brought some of her crystals and it was beautiful to see them sparkle in the sunlight.
There is no need for a pedicure when you can feel the sand between your toes and wash it away with the salty ocean water.

After spending lots of time at the beach we decided to find a shadier spot for a picnic!

The were stones of all colors, shapes, and sizes. So much beauty everywhere.

We found a beautiful spot that was high above the beach and had a spectacular vantage point. I wanted to see if I could still do the splits. It had probably been a year since I had tried. Turns out, this girl’s still got it!

This is the spot!

We had a beautiful beach picnic with friends and it was a lovely spot to spend a few hours…

This place is so magical!

Initially, we had only planned on hiking the first valley down to the beach then heading back. They had mentioned the hike to the 2nd valley, but said that it would take 1 hour and was mostly uphill the entire time. The birthday boy surprised us and he declared that we would hike up to the 2nd valley. We grabbed our headlamps just in case and headed onwards!

On our way there, Ellie taught me how to rope swing. She is a total pro! I decided to stay close to the ground.

It is so amazing to be right by the ocean!

I had so much fun swinging, but was not daring enough to swing on any swings that were higher off the ground. Moving forward, there were lots of bugs and it was obvious to see that the terrain was rapidly changing. This time I took the front of the line because it is much easier for me to go up than it is to go down.

It smelled like fruity guavas all the way up to the 2nd valley!
We crossed paths with some hikers who had a goat carrying their stuff. They clearly had the right idea here!
Getting closer to the top and still surrounded by the ocean. It feels like love.
It was so thrilling to get here! I am so glad that we kept on going!
Absolutely breathtaking!
So happy that we made it here!
These views were totally worth the climb!
Note to self: wear more color?
And then we decided that it was time to head back.

We wanted to started heading back before it got dark. I am so glad that we decided to keep hiking up to the 2nd valley. It was so worth-it and our hearts were full on the way back!

As always, I have to take more pictures to capture these hidden gems.
SO unbelievably gorgeous!
It was nice to be back by the beach. Of course I had to take another quick dip in the ocean!
I love this beautiful beautiful place!
The water here was so green and serene.

Remember how the hike down to the beach was super steep? Well, we had to climb it all the way back. It was breathtaking AND invigorating!

Here is our after photo! We were thrilled!

If you are ever on the Island of Hawaii you have to check out Pololu Valley! Also, bring good friends because the memories you make together will be timeless.

And the drive home was absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you for joining me and reading about our September adventure! I have missed blogging, but have been a little overwhelmed lately. Hopefully you will be seeing more of me soon.

How have you been? And what is new and exciting in your world? Please comment below to share!

❤ Alana

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