Let’s See What Happens When We Don’t Quit

I am finally getting the hang of not quitting, but this workout would probably still kick my butt 😉

Living Out Loud


This is real talk right here.  I have lost track of the times that I have started working out then stopped.  Started again, then got off track.  Was on a roll for a month, then took two months off…

These past two months I have been struggling with working out and staying motivated to be consistent.  My current goal is to just move.  Just do something.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or extravagant, I just want to get my heart pumping and feel good about myself.

Today I finally did a lower body workout in the comfort of my own home.

Here’s my Workout of the Day:

  1. Basic Squats -3×12
  2. Squat, Hold, and Pulse -3×12
  3. Squat and Kick Back -3×15
  4. Single-leg Squat -3×10
  5. Basic Bridge -3×15
  6. Hands-up Bridge -3×16
  7. Leg-lift Bridge -3×16
  8. Standing Abduction -2×10
  9. Lunges -2×20
  10. Low-Lunge Hover -3×20
  11. Toe Taps
  12. Side Stepping Curtsy -3×6
  13. Single-leg Front Raise…

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