Time For Reflection… This week Heaven welcomed its newest angel

Hello My Dear Darling Friends,

I have been thinking of you. I placed my fingertips on the keyboard ready to create blog posts this week, but never got around to tapping the keys.

I needed to take some time for reflection and it was a deliberate choice. Well, a few moments ago I decided that this was a deliberate choice. Isn’t it lovely, how swiftly we can change our minds?

Can you see the reflections in the water?

The painting above is a picture that I was painting around the last time that my Uncle Harry came to visit us from Guam. I was 11 and was obsessed with palm trees and tropical plants.

Uncle Harry was my Godfather and my favorite Uncle and he passed away on October 21st of this year. My mom always said that my spirit and personality is similar to Uncle Harry’s. He had lived with my parents in their 1st house for two years. This was before I was born.

I miss you Uncle Harry

Uncle Harry was so vibrant, upbeat, generous, kind to everyone. He always knew how to make a person smile and feel comfortable and loved.

He sent me a Christmas card and I was able to get back in touch with him from a distance through phone and messages.

I am so sad that I didn’t to spend more time with him, but I am so thankful for the time that we had. I got to tell him about how we moved to Hawaii and ran successful businesses. When I finally graduated from college, I also got to share that with him too.

As a whole, I am disappointed about the fact that I haven’t really gotten to know my Dad’s side of the family very well. I always loved spending time with everyone at family gatherings. They are all amazing people.

I guess that life happens and it can pull people apart if you let it.

From the day that Uncle Harry passed away, our family carried on the Chamorro family tradition of saying a Novena (Rosary) for him every night for 9 days. Because it is 2020, we had to pray through Zoom. I missed the first few days because Zoom and being on a webcam makes me feel really uncomfortable, but I am glad that I finally decided to pray with the family.

I was surprised and happy to see that I had brought my rosary with me. It has honestly been a few years since I have said the rosary. A friend of mine made this rosary for me after I taught them how to say the rosary on a snowy December afternoon in 2011.

Thank you, Dear friend of mine.

On the first day of prayer, there were 28 people there praying together and a few more on the 2nd day. It felt good to pray with my family and see their faces after so many years. Today was the last evening of the novena and my heart feels sad. I loved the sense of unity that we had praying together and I want to figure out a way to stay in better touch with family.

Moonlight reflections

This week I started slow jogging for 1 hour after my 1 hour of coding and my workout. I jog without music or headphones and it gives me a chance to process and clear my head. I’m thankful for these moments of reflection. Please don’t hesitate to reconnect with old friends and your family. If you love someone tell them!

This month, heaven welcomed it’s newest angel.

I will love and miss you forever, Uncle Harry.



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