Tutu Pele is Beautiful

At 9:30 on Sunday night I saw reports and started watching a live stream that showed the eruption of the Halema’uma’uma Crater in Volcano, Hawaii. For a few weeks I had read articles that stated that there was volcanic activity. The hot springs were heating up and have been hotter than ever and Scientists knew […]

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Let’s Flow

Last night’s moonlight walk was one to remember. I love the waves of inspiration that I am experiencing as I shift my thoughts to more positive places. Sometimes you need to acknowledge the past and cry over it then use those tears to cleanse and water new goals and dreams. I’m here for it and […]

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Moonlight Thoughts…

Nearly 13 years ago I got thrown off of a horse and landed on my neck. Since then my life hasn’t been the same. While I’m thankful that I wasn’t paralyzed, I have had to struggle with ongoing chronic neck pain, numbness in my arms and fingers, sharp pains, and nightmares. I think the worst […]

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