Moonlight Thoughts…

Nearly 13 years ago I got thrown off of a horse and landed on my neck. Since then my life hasn’t been the same. While I’m thankful that I wasn’t paralyzed, I have had to struggle with ongoing chronic neck pain, numbness in my arms and fingers, sharp pains, and nightmares.

I think the worst part for years was the shame of getting kicked out of school because I was too sick to get perfect attendance and the way it delayed me from earning my degree. I was 19 and felt so abandoned and like a total failure.

Sometimes I get so tried of being told I am strong. What about all those years I had to smile through the pain and face more trauma to forget about the painful past? This week was full of so many painful memories and emotions. I’m thankful for what I have now and am looking forward to creating an even brighter future.


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