Tutu Pele is Beautiful

This was taken from Volcano, Hawai’i shortly after the eruption started (pc: Armani)

At 9:30 on Sunday night I saw reports and started watching a live stream that showed the eruption of the Halema’uma’uma Crater in Volcano, Hawaii. For a few weeks I had read articles that stated that there was volcanic activity. The hot springs were heating up and have been hotter than ever and Scientists knew that an eruption would happen, but they were not expecting it to happen so soon.

After 10:30 pm an earthquake shook our house and it was an amazing experience to feel it as they were talking about it on the live stream. It measured a 4.4 magnitutde and we currently live about 47 minutes from the epicenter.

Madame Pele is known as “She who shapes the sacred land” and she has decided that we will end 2020 in style. Halema’uma’uma Crater is her home and the Big Island is her island. So far we have been safe and I really feel so blessed to live here.

October 2019 w/ Tutu Pele in Pahoa

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is currently open 24/7 and many people are visiting the crater to see the newest lava flow. I am still worried about the pandemic so I have been staying home, but have been enjoying the pictures that our friends have taken.

This was taken yesterday morning (pc: Ellie 🌹)
November 2019
Last night in all her splendor

It is amazing to live near a volcano with an active lava flow. I don’t know what Pele has in mind, but I hope and pray that we will all be safe and able to enjoy the beauty of this magical island.

This was just last week

Mele Kalikimaka!

❤ Alana

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