Let things go to be more free

Yesterday we had to do the hard thing and sell one of our businesses. It was the 1st online service we created and it had a good long run of 3 years and 7 months. We started this business back in New Zealand. Nothing like it existed at the time and there was a need for it. Didn’t think it would really make money, but before we knew it, it took off.

We have gotten lots of positive feedback for years and many of our users have told us that we are legends in Australia.

In 2018, life got busy and my partner was thinking of selling both of our services they had become background forms of revenue and were still strong, but operating idly because our energy was focused on different things.

In 2019, I took over both of our businesses and within 6 months we were making in a day what we used to make in just one week. It has been over a year that our businesses have fully sustained us.

Online businesses are so cutthroat and we worked our tails off competing with the best in the world. There are multitudes of scammers and other companies who have more resources to pour into their advertising. The ethereal nature of the business also makes companies vulnerable to false claims. I am thankful that our hard work consistently payed off and we were able to stay on top.

We knew this day would come and it was freeing to let it go and keep flowing.

This has definitely cut our revenue, but we still have the businesses that bring in the most $.

Why is it so hard to let go of the things that weigh us down the most? My guess is that sometimes our crutches give us a false sense of security that is comforting, but in the long run those crutches end up weighing us down. Letting go can be so scary, but it is also so freeing.

This particular business wasn’t a crutch, but we both knew that we were outgrowing it. “When you stop growing it is time to get going!”

The timing was right and I am so glad that we took this leap of faith. Is it scary? HELL YEAH, but I have faith that even better things are coming.

So if there is something or someone in your life that feels heavy. Have a heart-to-heart with yourself and trust your gut. You will know when the time is right to let it go.

Then be free because life is too short to be spent stressed and weighed down.

But before you let go, thank that person (from a distance of course, *cue message in a bottle or journal entry to be burned*), place, or situation for the good that it brought you. It was a stepping stone, a bridge, and a segue into a much better place.

Thank you Albion-Services for the freedom that you gave us. We will always remember you.

❤ Alana

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