On the struggle bus

Okay, wow, yesterday was ROUGH!

I was on the struggle bus and I could not get off of it…

In the middle of last week I started working again and it fucked with my mental game a little…

These past 5 months, I have had the luxury of focusing solely on my fitness and weightloss journey and it has done wonders for my life. I have lost over 20 pounds since September and that was around the time that I stopped working.

This is life and it feels so good to get our business back on track. Last week was super stressful, but my partner and I figured it out and I know that I am too blessed to be stressed.

BUT old habits die hard!

I found myself worrying that all the pounds would start returning, no Sprinting back, since I am doing more desk work.

I took my weight and my measurements this morning and while it shows that I gained 2 lbs since Friday, I still lost a teeny tiny bit of scale weight since last week. My measurements stayed about the same, but after the week I just had I’m not surprised.

The honest truth is that my nutrition has been a little off these last two weeks and I have been flailing trying to figure out what to do now workout wise.

I took a break from lifting and doing hiit this entire last week because I was feeling worn down. I think the break did my body good, but my mind has been a mess…

Here are some lessons I learned from these 2 weeks:

  1. I need to keep it simple.
  2. Let’s replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.
  3. Breathe!
  4. Fasted cardio left me feeling great, but didn’t work well for me. I’m definitely NOT discouraging anyone from trying it. Every BODY is different.
  5. Fasted cardio didn’t work for me because I didn’t have my meals prepped after my run I felt too unmotivated to do more exercise later in the day.
  6. I still have some growing to do with my mental game.
  7. My skin is glowing.
  8. I am still making progress.

I know that the graphic above encourages persistence and pushing. This can mean different things depending on where we are at in our journeys.

Today this means that I will persist against my self-doubts and negativity.

Yesterday I wanted to say “fuck it” and “give up.”

But that’s the easy route.

I’m ready to persist and keep going. This means that I will move forward and let go.

This is the me I used to be…
I love who I am becoming.

❤ Alana

6 thoughts on “On the struggle bus

    1. Thank you Susie ❤ I need to take a little break from running to heal the top of my right foot. I hope it will feel better sooner than later. I think I will try my airdyne bike for cardio.

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