Workout and Word of the Day #6

Happy Sunday My Dear Darling Friends!

Yesterday I went off of my pre-planned path and it was a nice change of pace. I had found inspiration early in the morning to start doing some dance based workouts and yesterday I chose ballet.

I love the way that ballet lengthens and strengthens the entire body from head to toe. Dancers have the most amazing and confident posture and I definitely need all the help I can get to counteract that desk job slouch that likes to creep in.

Today’s Workout of the Day is: Ballet + Gardening

Ballet Body Sculpt No Jumping! | Coach Kel

As always or as of late, I have been seeking no jumping workouts so that I can continue healing my foot while still being active. I am so thankful for youtube and the multitude of free workouts that it offers!

This was quite the workout. Even the warm-up was challenging for me. The moves aren’t outside of the ordinary. Lot’s of plies (squats) and 2nd position plies (sumo squats). I think what really added the burn was the concentration on form and posture.


today’s word of the day is:

maniacal– adjective

  1. Affected with or suggestive of madness.
  2. Characterized by ungovernable excitement or frenzy: frantic.

I had planned on doing cardio. In the back of my mind I am still worried that if I “don’t work out enough” or don’t kill enough calories” then my progress will just stop. My weightloss has slowed down a little lately, but I think this is due mainly to stress and my nutrition has not been on point lately. Old habits die hard, friends, and I am trying to change this way of thinking, but it takes a lot of practice and I still have a ways to go.

Instead of doing an hour of cardio I went outside and spent over an hour gardening. I decided to weed and mulch around my banana tree, Appelonia. She has her first bundle of bananas and a beautiful baby tree. I also weeded the little flower bed that our renters created.

I am an earth sign and there is nothing more grounding for me than getting down and dirty in the garden. What helps you to feel more grounded when you are feeling flighty and out of sorts? Comment below to share!

I hope you will have a lovely Sunday!

❤ Alana

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