Workout and Word of the Day #8

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

It feels so good to be healthy again. I finally got to go for a run after taking over a week off and it felt wonderful! My foot is no longer sore and I felt like I was soaring along the trails! After my run I did some leg workouts. Usually, I do my workouts first and run after, but I decided that my run would be the priority. I wanted to see how I felt after taking time to recover and after recovering from that stomach bug that tormented me for 2 days.

To my surprise, I felt even better than I felt before I took the rest!

Over a week ago I was feeling beaten down, tired, sore, and running out of motivation. I started getting into the mindset that I needed to do more workouts and more cardio to compensate for food I was eating and deep down I knew that wasn’t true (but old habits die hard.) I guess this is a good time for me to utilize the cliche “let’s just not say it.” Long story short, I’m thankful that I finally stopped pushing my body and decided to rest.

I weighed myself and I am still losing weight (even without doing super intense hiit workouts, not lifting weights, and not running.) I was honestly shocked that I could rest and still make progress towards my weightloss goals!

Workout of the Day: Leg Day + 1 Hour run

Real-Time Glute Activation | Grow your glutes faster

Glute activation makes all the difference in the world! I started adding glute activation to my warm-ups and noticed that I was getting injured way less. There really is something to it. This specific video does a nice warm-up, followed by key exercises, and ends with some stretching. It really is a nice blend that I highly recommend!

10 Minute Knee Friendly Booty Workout | Pamela Reif

Her workouts always burn and are a ton of fun. I’m really hooked on low-impact workouts. You can get great results without pushing yourself to the point of pain!

Get a round butt 500 rep challenge |Lilly Sabri

Okay, this workout directly following the last booty workout was killer! The burn felt incredible! You should definitely try all three of these workouts together!

Sexy Abs Lose Belly Fat | Lilly Sabri

I like doing at least 2 workouts a day from the same instructor! I really appreciate all the time and effort that they put into their channels.

Word of the Day:

macaronic– adjective

  1. Composed of a mixture of languages.

This is a word that I have never heard of before! I like it.

It felt so good to run again. I learned that my laces were way too tight. I have also been focused on strengthening and stretching my ankles and toes. I had so much energy throughout the day and the best part was the joy that I felt in my heart.

I hope you will have a lovely day today, friends!

❤ Alana

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