Let’s clean out some cobwebs!

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Lately, I have been very focused and productive. I started working again and have managed to also keep up with a workout routine. I am definitely more productive when I have more to do.

I have even managed to blog more consistently, but lately my posts have been fairly formal and planned. I write out my workout and word of the day posts shortly after my workouts to hold myself accountable. And each week my weekly dream-catcher posts help me to reflect and look forward to the future.

It’s time to do something less formal now.

Through the years this has been the place where I have outpoured from the depths of my soul. On those cold lonely nights when I could only cry myself to sleep, I would write an inspiring or uplifting post to also inspire and uplift myself along the way.

When life gets hectic it is easy to let the cobwebs and clutter collect. We forget about clothing items carefully tucked into the corners of our drawers or those cute pink tea saucers.

Out of sight out of mind, right?

They say that when you clear the cobwebs out from the corners, creativity can fill your space. I love this space and this beautiful place that we call home. My partner has been doing an amazing job of keeping our household in order and making sure that the farm chores are always done. We share chores, but my priority has been work, lately.

I have been hard at work running our business and working towards my fitness and health goals, but I have been a little unorganized lately.

I think that I will turn up the music and clean out and organize our closet!


Can you believe that this is the only closet that my partner and I have in our house? We have no other dressers, drawers, or storage space. Just this closet that we share. I guess you could say that we are minimalists with space to spare!

I wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I was quite the packrat… I was super sentimental and wanted to preserve and hang onto everything… Including those gummy bears that my 1st crush gave to me for Valentine’s day in the 5th grade… I held onto those suckers (gummies actually) in a treasure box that I didn’t let go of until just 2 years ago when we were getting ready to move to Hawaii.

Through the years having less has become a true luxury to me because it allows us to travel further with less to carry.

That is priceless to me.

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