Workout and Word of the Day #13

Aloha My Dear Darling Friends!

Yesterday was a busy day! We had farm chores and I had lots of work reports to process. This is a good sign because it means that business is good. I have gotten into a good morning routine that consists of morning coffee, farm chores, starting work reports, writing a blog post while I sip on my coffee (I can make it last for a long time), and then Hula Hooping for 40 minutes.

After Hula Hooping (if I have had breakfast) I do my strength training. If I haven’t had breakfast yet, we eat brunch and then I work. Later in the day I do my workout and follow it with 1 hour of cardio.

I had planned on doing 1 hour of airdyne biking, but we had other commitments and errands to run. As a result, I kept on pushing my cardio back.

Today’s Workout is: Hula Hooping + Booty

24 Minute Hula Hoop Workout

This was a fun workout that also worked my brain. I like how she had us do the entire routine on both sides to also work on the weaker direction.

Glute Activation:

Squat Challenge

I loved the variety of squats in this video. Lately, I have been trying to avoid lunges while my right toes recover. Thankfully, squats feel great and I was even able to do a squat that I have never been able to do before!

Perky Booty Knee Friendly Workout

I really love knee friendly workouts!

Smaller Waist Workout

Word of the day:

proffer– verb

  1. To put before a person for acceptance; offer.

I felt like I had that cardio that I planned on doing looming over my head. I knew that I should do it, but it was hard for me to get the motivation to get it done and that made me feel restless.

I even cleaned out my closet which is a task I had been avoiding (because out of sight out of mind, right?) I finally felt a sense of peace when I decided that I would rest and chill instead of pushing myself to do that cardio. Because sometimes resting is necessary and this was one of those days.

See you next time!

❤ Alana

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