Today the “buts” were a good thing

I didn’t lose weight this week, but I did lose a bunch of inches throughout my entire body and I gained more muscle tone.

I didn’t go out to coffee this morning, but my boyfriend brought me coffee in bed.

I didn’t run or cycle (as planned), but I did do 30 minutes of hula hooping and 30 minutes of a leg workout.

I didn’t get to blog today, but we did get our fishing gear and are fully prepared to fish!

We didn’t catch any fish today, but we learned a lot and I got to see a whale and 2 seaturtles in the ocean.

I had a few panic attacks today, but the good things outweighed the bad and I always get this way when I step outside of my comfort zone.

I have been stressed out lately, but I am working on being less stressed.

But most importantly, we made a bunch of wonderful memories together!

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