Everyday I am finding my way

I’ve been missing weekly posts like crazy and I’ve been missing you. In general, I’ve been missing…

So far 2021 has felt like a cascading waterfall followed by floods.

Life is overflowing with changes, challenges, and new blessings.

Sometimes feeling weightless and resisting less feels so freeing.

I’ve been rolling with these waves keeping my head down and sometimes I allow myself to slip under and feel the pressure of the current pulling me.

There are moments when I feel swept under and can feel myself sobbing as I see the water’s surface and the light and realize that it is an illusion or a reflection and I am watching it happen from above.

The beautiful thing about water and the rain is that nobody can see you cry in the midst of a downpour.

That is liberating to me and that is why I love running and swimming in the rain.

I’m not lost or even depressed.

I’m just finding myself…

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