I’ve been wanting to create a new blog for awhile now… I didn’t realize how long that would take! And how many options there would be. Some people like options. I’m okay with a few, but here in the USA, there are sooo many different options! I often feel like having less options would make my life a little bit less challenging.. because I sit and weigh out the different options, analyzing them, trying to figure out every detail of each option and which one will truly be the best deal. It takes so much time! And brain power! Sometimes there will be one option that is really appealing to me, but I still want someone to confirm its a good one. Sometimes I get lost in the options and I make myself even crazier by looking up user ratings so I can “really know” if its good. That might lead me to change my mind on something I wanted just because someone else on the internet didn’t like it! Every once in awhile I take my time in the process of decision making, and instead of trying to rush my process, I slow down. For this blog I even prayed and asked God which site to use to put it up on 🙂 Turns out there’s some wisdom in slowing down! It works! And even though I might get embarrassed that it is taking me what seems like forever to decide on my dinner item at the restaurant, it feels a lot better than just giving into my fear and anxiety!

What do you think?!

2 thoughts on “Options

  1. It’s like reading my life process. Decision making was a challenge. Took me years to realize it was because I had no thought of my own or if I did fear would prevent me from speaking. I’ve discovered that it was a lie and I did have a voice. Then it took a while to realize that some folks could have cared less when it didn’t match up with their mindset. Finding your own voice and speaking with authority/conviction makes all the difference. At least to myself. But learning to respect what others have to say is important. In a way it’s opportunity to agree to disagree and go on with your lives. The Holy Spirit definitely has had an impact on the whole process. Indeed.

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    1. I’m sure glad you did find your voice!! I find it challenging to speak up when I fear what others will think, if what I might say will be conflicting. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t say it – and, just like you said, I should say it with respect! Thanks for your comments!! ❤


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