Food Frenzies

Last weekend was my birthday – and it was A LOT of fun – my husband and I went to a cute Swiss inn in Berlin, Ohio – Amish country – lovely wine tasting, cheese, chocolate, and a buffet breakfast! When we got there, we sampled some wine and chose a cranberry one to drink. BUT before we go any further let me stop and tell you something. Eating and drinking is a HUGE struggle for me. Not because I have a disease or anything, but I feel like the problem is more stimulus overload (my eyes are bigger than my tummy), not being able to say no (of course I want to try that!), and major anxiety about all of the calories I’m intaking. Anybody feeling me on any of these?? Growing up, being thin was extremely too important to me, and I became scared of becoming overweight. This made me do a lot of “different” things – like not eating red meat in high school, becoming pescatarian for 4 years, doing a soup diet, and many, many juice cleanses! When I met my husband last year and found out he loved meat I was definitely worried. How would my salads and chicken breasts do in his world? As I started to spend time with Jef (my husband) and we would go out to eat, I would always have food envy and want to eat what he ordered. I would feel disappointed that I just ordered this lame salad and he was having the steak or whatever the meal was. The harder part was that it seemed like I was gaining weight while he was losing it! I started to see a nutritionist a few months ago so I could learn more about eating right. It seems like it is better to eat the food you are craving for the most part, eat it slowly, and STOP when you are full!! Whoa!!!

I am still struggling with these concepts. Like this weekend when I went to a Christmas potluck, and there were two amazing deserts. I was already stuffed, but I had to have both. My stomach was hurting so much that night!! Holidays, potlucks, and buffet-style food in general can always be a challenge. Everything looks so good, and I don’t want to miss out on anything, but at the same time, I don’t want to overeat!!!

How do you deal with all of the food in your world??

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