Valentine’s Day Reality Check

I was watching a TV show yesterday and the woman on the show was mourning her fiancé who had just died. She went to a restaurant and watched longingly at a couple as they dined together holding hands smiling at each other and conversing. As I watched that I thought in my head “yeah right!”. When I was single, there were times when I would go out to eat by myself and feel sorry for myself if I saw a couple, thinking they are having so much more fun than I am. I didn’t always think that way, but definitely in the times that I was in that hole of self-pity. Sometimes I would notice crying babies and stressed out looking moms and I was thanking God that wasn’t me! Now that I am married, I’ve gotten the reality check that every time I go out to eat with my husband is not going to be a trip to paradise. There have been some very frustrating times where we go to eat and we had an argument prior so the atmosphere at the table is stiff and silent. But there also are the fun times where I’m excited to sit next to him and steal his food. I’ve learned that I can’t depend on him to enjoy my life. I have to choose my thoughts, decide to focus on the good things, and decide to be grateful rather than frustrated. I had a principal who used to end the morning announcements every day by saying “Make it a great day or not a great day, the choice is yours.” So whether you are single or in a relationship, keep that in mind! Try not to make assumptions about what the people around you are experiencing and instead enjoy the gift of life that’s been given to you 😊

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