Say it now!

Why do we wait until the end to let people know how we really feel? Why do we wait until they are in pain, there is some doom circumstance, or ultimatum at hand? Sometimes it is the hardest to tell the people we love how we really feel, or what it is really going on. That is how it is for me. I get afraid. And then I lose out. Don’t wait. Do it scared. Why does that feel so hard? Fear is just a feeling right?! And speaking is just opening your mouth and letting words out! What’s the worst that could happen?! NOTHING! But when you struggle with rejection, “nothing” feels like something.

Let’s help each other! I’m posting this because I struggle and want to do better. What do you think? Do you struggle too? Or have any advice?

2 thoughts on “Say it now!

  1. I know I was not with it when we chatted the other day. Perhaps my “inability” was just what was needed at that time to give yourself and the Holy Spirit the opportunity for that time. I know I don’t like silence but perhaps it’s just what we need for the time.
    I so relate to what you are talking about. The struggle is real. Don’t ever feel you’ve missed the opportunity. God makes allowances. His timing is always perfect. Ours not so much. Perhaps it’s just another opportunity to pray and seek God when His timing has come. His Peace is usually a good indicator to move forward. Or perhaps to stay silent. It’s always a learning process. We’re not always going to get it right. But know if it is God He will open the door…or close it.
    He redeems, restores, refreshes, renews. We are just the vessel. He is the One that creates the opportunity and receives the Glory.
    I trust this helps in one way or another. To God be the Glory Indeed.

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