Decision Making Madness

It has never been easy for me to make a decision. Once I do decide, I feel worried that the option I chose is not the right one. I will take way too long trying to decide what to eat at restaurants that have long menus! Recently, an opportunity came my way to start a new program that will help me with my career. I did HR for 15 years and it had its fun times, but I can’t say that I’m dying to go back to being a desk jockey for the rest of my life. I mentioned my interest in fitness to some good friends and one of them told me about this program called Revolution Wellness (check out their website for free workouts!), a Christian based fitness platform that offers training for a couple of different fitness areas. After looking at their website, it seemed obvious to me that the training I would like most would be to teach group fitness classes! I have always loved taking them, so why not do it myself! I felt pretty secure in my decision until I talked to another good friend, who has a career as a personal trainer. She gave me good advice, telling me to think about what I like about the fitness classes I go to and mentioned that one characteristic of fitness instructors is being high energy. I gave that some thought, and agreed with her, the good teachers I had were definitely all high energy, and this isn’t something I felt like I brought to the table. I wasn’t sure what I should do. There was another type of training for a body building type of trainer and a training to lead outdoor adventures. After brooding for awhile – not the best habit – I remembered a birthday present I gave to myself a few years back. I took myself on a bike tour of Monterey, CA! It was so peaceful and beautiful and I remember thinking that the tour guide had it made with that job 🙂 Of course, I thought all tour guides had it made with their jobs.. So, I looked more into the outdoor adventures program and decided I will embark on that journey! BUT even though I ‘ve had this amazing birthday present experience, and peaceful feelings, I still have a little angst :/ Does anyone else suffer from decision making madness?? Tell me your story!

One thought on “Decision Making Madness

  1. I think we all do to a certain degree, but knowing the old self I would make decisions based on feeling, coercion or the like. Today I am more apt to say “I’ll have to pray about that and ask others to pray. Makes a great difference in the outcome. Knowing the Lord orchestrates things in my life.
    There’s always that pang of “doubt” but learning to surrender it to the Lord gives me the Peace to move forward.
    So I trust I have responded correctly knowing God will protect me regardless.


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