Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Yesterday we got our 2nd Moderna vaccine and this morning I decided to rest from running. I literally laid in bed awake from 4 am mulling it over… The past tense swim coach kept saying, “well, that’s a no-brainer! You don’t run with your arm so you should be fine.” […]

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Hello Blog World

Hello Blog World! Happy April! I’ve been relishing the feeling of keeping my life a little more private. I enjoy being an open book, but I started to realize that my stories were starting to sound too similar with my word choice patterns and blogging was becoming a chore. Now that’s a whole lot of […]

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Everyday I am finding my way

I’ve been missing weekly posts like crazy and I’ve been missing you. In general, I’ve been missing… So far 2021 has felt like a cascading waterfall followed by floods. Life is overflowing with changes, challenges, and new blessings. Sometimes feeling weightless and resisting less feels so freeing. I’ve been rolling with these waves keeping my […]

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I renewed my blog

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Once again, it has been too long since the last time I have written. My weekly posts have been happening every 2 weeks and I have not done a “Workout and word of the Day” post in a very long time. The good news is that I am still working […]

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