Picture Perfect

Social media has always been a little bit frustrating to me because most of the time what you end up showing, or seeing, is a finished picture. And it usually looks pretty good! What you don’t get is the story behind that, what it took to get to that picture. So I want to shedContinue reading “Picture Perfect”

Food Frenzies

Last weekend was my birthday – and it was A LOT of fun – my husband and I went to a cute Swiss inn in Berlin, Ohio – Amish country – lovely wine tasting, cheese, chocolate, and a buffet breakfast! When we got there, we sampled some wine and chose a cranberry one to drink.Continue reading “Food Frenzies”


I’ve been wanting to create a new blog for awhile now… I didn’t realize how long that would take! And how many options there would be. Some people like options. I’m okay with a few, but here in the USA, there are sooo many different options! I often feel like having less options would makeContinue reading “Options”

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