I think this is so Beautiful and True.  I also want to add that for a while I was Always missing who I used to be.  I felt like I was much more organized, talented, inspired, and ambitious. I would look at pictures and notice that I smiled differently in different times in my life. […]

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Cramped in the cocoon

I think I need to stop comparing myself now to where I was a year ago… A year ago I was Ambitious, Organized, Driven, and Energetic.  I also was always on the go, hardly ever home, working out nearly everyday, Would go running with my best friend rain, shine, or snow on Christmas Eve And […]

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Fly Sky High Like A Butterfly

Heal the past LIVE THE PRESENT Dream the Future You will probably start to notice a butterfly theme.  I have always loved butterflies because they start out crawling, transform, and FLY.  I feel like I am in the midst of a Metamorphosis myself. I hope Everyone is enjoying the final days of 2012!!! Peace & Joy, […]

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