Transform Your Life Project: #42

This week was way more productive than last week.  It is officially crunch time because next week is already mid-terms.  “Just like that” we have already sped through 3 complete weeks of class and are half-way through our 4th week.  I spent at least two of those weeks feeling overwhelmed, panicked, discouraged, and struggling.  I […]

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The Perfect Day

“Describe your ideal day off.  What would you do with your time?” I fell blessed that I have experiences a handful of perfect days in my life.  I think that my favorite was on my golden birthday last summer.  My family and I were staying at a resort on the Oregon Coast were we had […]

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Tea of the Day: Wu Wei

I am going to start doing things that make me happy again.  One of my joys in life is enjoying a good cup of tea.  Last night we went to a Thai restaurant and I chose a tea that is new to me it is called “Wu Wei”  It was a nice compliment to a […]

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