Transform Your Life Project: #42

This week was way more productive than last week.  It is officially crunch time because next week is already mid-terms.  “Just like that” we have already sped through 3 complete weeks of class and are half-way through our 4th week.  I spent at least two of those weeks feeling overwhelmed, panicked, discouraged, and struggling.  I […]

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What Would Happen If…

I know what it feels like to be beaten down and torn apart.  Feeling like I’m not very smart. Accepting the failures as they come disappointments until I feel numb. Living pay check-to-pay check day after day hoping that it’s enough for the bills I must pay. Grateful to be alive, but struggling so much […]

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Lost and Found

These past 4 years have been a journey.  I spent the first two years of my twenties losing myself, becoming disillusioned, and almost losing my identity.  Through the grace of God, I found the strength to make it home and recreate my life. Things I have lost  in the past 4 years: 1. Friends. 2. My […]

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Time for me to dream bigger!

This is so true. It is good to be realistic when setting goals and for them to be attainable so we don’t get discouraged. Yet still we Must have dreams beyond the horizon that seem bigger than we ever dreamed we could accomplish because if they are there we can move in the direction to […]

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Spring Break

I was stuck and depressed for awhile  Pretty much for all of February and the preceding months, then I made some changes, but the beginning of March was pretty much the same.  I knew that spring break was rapidly approaching and the thought of it was both exciting and daunting  I knew that I needed […]

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So Many Changes…

I know I haven’t kept up with my weekly Happiness Project entries, but I can tell that I am taking strides and steps towards happiness Everyday.  January was a bit of a rough month and I thought February was better but it ended so badly.   There was so much chaos and I felt like […]

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Stuck And Stagnant? Create a mosaic from the pieces of the puzzle that used to fit together perfectly.

This is how I have felt…  Stuck and Stagnant and it is the worst feeling imaginable.  If I take time to really look deeper at the feeling I would say it is an illusion that comes from fear and the fact that I’ve been comparing myself to others and to well… ME. I am NOT […]

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