aMAYzing Changes Ahead

And just like that, May is coming to a close…  This has been an exciting month full of so many changes and with the changes comes some stress, but it has all been worth-it.  A year ago, I thought I was moving to Portland, Oregon which would have been a simple move.  Little did I […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #65

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! My legs were sore from yesterday’s Lower Body Workout! I am thrilled that my body is responding to pilates, yoga, and the fact that my workouts are body weight.  I was concerned that I would not get results since I was lifting heavy weights in the gym for 5 months. I really […]

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The Move of My Dreams!

I feel like the queen of new beginnings even though I currently feel overwhelmed by the process… I just need to remember that the packing and purging process is temporary. I am ready to leave the past behind and let bygones be bygones. Watch out Italy, here I come!!! If anyone is interested, Italy is […]

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Moving Forward

Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
Moving is a big change and I am finding it challenging not to be overwhelmed and stressed.  Feeling this way does not help me in any way it just makes me tired and adds weight to problems that do not even have to exist. I am deciding right here…

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