Workout and Word of the Day #32

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Today I noticed that my mind was wandering away from the task at hand…  A lot.  I have been feeling a little tired and I know that it is because my body is adjusting to new changes.  I did the same workout routine for 4 weeks using methods of progressive […]

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I used to be a little critical of it back when I was moving every 3 months, but it turns out that I get it too.  This sense of wanderlust. Today I want to go back to New Zealand. I loved exploring new places every single day and walking through tropical paths and miles on […]

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Self-Care Sunday #2

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I spent a majority of this weekend feeling fairly worn out.  I think it was a combination of stress and being that time of the month.  I chose to sleep in and to be gentle with myself. I drove around for awhile in search of brunch and decided that I […]

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February is History

February is history, but it is my story too… It had a very sad start and I think that I was still piecing together the shards of my heart. I worked out consistently and I studied hard.  My workouts and morning routines were the glue that held everything together.  I noticed that I had a […]

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Self-care Sunday #1

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I used to dread Sundays more than every other day of the week…  I felt like my to-do-list was endless and often got so overwhelmed. It used to mean that I would hardly ever see my man during the week because he commuted to work and that took most of […]

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