A Love For All Seasons

Last summer I was in Maine.   Last fall in my hometown in Washington State.  Winter and some spring in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Spring back in my home town.  Summer in Hawaii.  This fall in paradise… This has been a year to remember.  It started last June when we made the decision to turn 30 in a new place.  I know I […]

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The Ups, Downs, & All Arounds

This morning I came to some real realizations… I realized that… “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.” -Tupac But I digress… For almost an entire year I have been feeling an unsettled tension in my heart. For the past few months I have been feeling down and depressed, but I could not quite put my finger […]

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Gypsy Living

I just realized that I have been quite the gypsy this past year.  Last May we sold our 1st house (that we lived in for 3 years) and our lives have been an ongoing adventure since then.  Back then I was nervous about it.  Would it be a big mistake?  Our friends and family told […]

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My June to June Adventures

Last June we took 2 cars, 2 cats, and my sister and went on an epic roadtrip adventure from Washington State down to Jacksonville, Florida.  After 2 days we decided that city was not for us so we drove North until we got to Portland, Maine. I enjoyed my summer in Maine working at the […]

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May 2019 Recap

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Wow!  We have made it through 5 complete months of this year.  I spent all week feeling indecisive about whether or not I wanted to do a recap of this month.  Now that I have the first week of June under my belt; I think I will talk about May […]

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My Summer 2019 Bucketlist

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I am getting excited about spending summer in a brand new place.  A place where I can live out my dreams and explore more of my hobbies! I have been so busy getting settled and cramming for finals that time is escaping me a little.  I guess it is a […]

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Rainbow Railroad & My Hometown

My home town is full of beautiful places, hidden sanctuaries, and lots of natural beauty. I always wanted to visit the Rainbow Railroad and one day I decided to do just that! I was so thrilled to finally be here and to see it in person.  I had seen lovely photographs, but there is nothing […]

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