Breakdown now breakthrough

Last night I had an awful breakdown.  The kind of break you feel in the midst of a breakup or a loss.  When your legs shake uncontrollably, your back and body feels hot, and you cry yourself to sleep…Only to wake up and burst into more tears. I woke up still feeling sad and almost […]

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Now What?

My 20’s were so full of struggles.  Struggling to make it.  Struggling to find my voice.  Struggling to afford life.  Struggling to recover and heal from PTSD.  Struggling with heartache.  Struggling to find love.  Health issues.  Growing pains.  It was a tumultuous decade and I was terrified of what my 30’s would be like. I […]

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Starting Over

Starting over sometimes gives me a feeling of terror.  Everything is new and unfamiliar and being unrecognized is often peculiar. When you have lived in your home town for decades it starts to feel like home. But in order to find more it is necessary to roam. So I must stand tall and be brave […]

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