Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project 2.0

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! The new year is here and it is time for me to continue my tradition of doing a year-long project!  Through the years I have done a series of projects which include: Happiness Project Transform Your Life Project Transform Your Life Project 2.0 Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project These projects have helped […]

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Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #51

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! The theme of this past week was: depression.  I had the usual seasonal depression, but was also depressed by all of the big changes in my life.  Sometimes big changes help me snap out of depression, but this time around it feels like I dove right in. My life feels […]

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Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #44

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! This week felt productive and I also feel oddly caught up with my homework even though I still have a lot of reading to do before class on Tuesday.  I am just going to go with the flow because worrying too much just adds unnecessary stress. So far I have […]

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Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #42

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! How was your week?  My week was stressful, busy, hectic, and a little nerve-wracking.  The funny thing is that those feeling were mostly felt, but when it came to actually doing all the things I was worried about it was not that bad after all. On Monday: Well, all weekend […]

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